The Newest Baby!

It’s been a very exciting time in our family with my older daughter’s baby girl, Marian Grace arriving on October 21st, and my younger daughter’s little girl Autumn Marie, born on November 13th, just a bit over three weeks later. I have been with the newest baby and family since shortly after they came home, and of course pointing my camera at them when opportunities present themselves.

It’s hard coming home with a new baby. They don’t let you sleep much in the hospital, and then you are home with a little newborn and an overwhelming job. I was glad I could get on a plane and get here quickly but in truth, they are doing fine. They mainly needed some sleep and reassurance that they were doing a good job.

Yesterday was baby’s first outing. She had her doctor checkup which she passed with flying colors, and then we went to the supermarket. It was feeding time at the doctor so after eating, the baby slept through the rest of the outing. Later in the day she spent awhile awake, alert, and calm and I had fun catching her various expressions with the camera.

Today, the baby is six days old. I can already see her changing. Mom and dad, of course, are feeling much better after getting some sleep between feeding and changing. There have been a couple nights when the baby didn’t want to settle down until very late but thankfully, mom and dad can sleep all morning if they need to. They are getting calmer and more confident by the day, and doing a great job. The baby is also settling into something of a routine at times. I also see her spending more time awake but calm and alert, and its so fun to see her just looking around, and exercising her hands and feet.

I’ll be here for a while more. They could manage just fine on their own but seem comforted that I am around, and it is a very special time for me so I’m very glad I can be here.

Meanwhile, my other daughter is spending her first week caring for the two kids with just herself and her husband, and they are doing very well. She was uneasy at first but I knew she would be fine, and indeed she is. All of these children are very lucky to have such good parents.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to The Newest Baby!

  1. cAROLE says:

    Congratulations. Your daughters were lucky to have you around to help them. Are you missing Panama?


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    Your first daughter has been there before so I imagine she would settle into things easier. It must really be a bit overwhelming for your youngest daughter. I’m sure she feels better wth you there, so I’m glad you can stay a while.

    I think the baby looks a bit like her father rght now, but that may change. Little ones change quickly.


    • They are doing great but yes, they appreciate the security blanket. It’s also nice she has a big sister who has been there before and they talk quite a bit.
      I’ve noticed an occasional expression by the baby that looks like her dad but nothing striking. Time will tell!


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