Beautiful Boquete


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  1. Jim Plow says:

    It is pictures like this that has convinced me to make the drive from Arizona to Panama. If the area is as nice in person as what I see in this Blog,,, I will be retiring there in four years. Keep up the Good work. Thank you.

    Jim Plow


    • Yes, it is that beautiful. It’s an incredibly beautiful country from the mountains to the coast and in between. It isn’t all rainbows and unicorns though. It rains a lot, fog rolls in, there are high winds in the summer, and many potholes and torn up streets and other frustrations. Be sure and spend some time here before you make any big decisions. Most people recommend flying here rather than the long drive with multiple, sometimes expensive and complicated border crossings. There is a great Facebook group, Expats in Panama, where this has been discussed. I don’t want to rain on your plans, but I also hope you make the move fully aware of the realities of Panama.


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