Cuidado de las mascotas

Check the comments! Emma posted a link to a groupon page where you can donate to help these people continue their work.

In Da Campo

Caring for the pets in the burg.  This weekend Pedasi hosted some veterinarians and staff from FUNDACION SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS for the annual pet spay and neuter campaign.  This event has been run for five years by two local women, and this year a few of us helped out.  One of my amgia’s really took on the challenge, arranging for free food and lodging for the vet and talking to her vecinos about the clinic.

The Fundacion has a brand new mobile clinic constructed from a converted bus.  Inside, there are two operating tables where a staff of three or four can work on the animals.  I was fortunate enough to go inside the first day to see the staff at work.  The animals are prepared for surgery on a table just inside the door and then they are moved to one of the two operating tables.  When I was on the bus two cats were being worked…

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