Many of my neighbors are very afraid of snakes. They don’t want to walk in the grass, and they are especially afraid of mani (perennial peanut), a ground cover I love, because they think it attracts snakes. In the year I have been here though, I have only seen one snake, a dead coral snake in the road.

But, the other day I was trimming the yard with the weed whacker (the Panamanian way of mowing the lawn) and I disturbed a little snake. It was very small, not more than a couple feet long, and didn’t appear dangerous or aggressive. It only tried to get away from me and curled up farther down the wall.



I think the markings on its head are especially beautiful. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out what kind of snake it is. I hope it doesn’t go visit the neighbors!

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11 Responses to Snake!

  1. Beautiful markings! I don’t know much about snakes but if they aren’t aggressive doesn’t it mean they are fairly harmless? I hope some experts happen along and can identify this one!


    • I think any wildlife would rather get away than attack. I’m no expert on snakes but I think maybe if they have larger, more triangle shaped heads that can be dangerous? something about fangs and a place to make and store venom? I’m not going to get in striking distance of any of them if I can help it, but I sure enjoy admiring them if I have an opportunity.


  2. I hope somebody identifies the type of snake it is and if it is dangerous. I am not afraid of snakes – just respectful.


  3. Mjollnir says:

    Send your picture to this site for identification:
    Better safe than dead! 😀


  4. Michelle says:

    As a kid, I LOVED going on the obligatory “Learn How to Identify Snakes” field trips to the old Tropic Test Lab. In Girl Scouts, we had snake identification badges and guest speakers, because so many of us lived close to, or played by, urban jungle wildlife. The best workshop was at camp (old Gatun Women’s Prison), where we spent a couple of days doing “snake hikes.” ALL the kids learned the “GO AWAY SNAKES!” stomp and chant. Good times. LOL


  5. Anonymous says:

    My two years in the “Zone” I don’t recall seeing any snakes. Lots of other things. In Charleston I see snakes every summer. I just leave them be.


    • We had some snakes who were regular visitors to our yard in Florida too. I am surprised at how few snakes we have seen here, especially living right next to the woods, and especially hearing so much from my neighbors about them.


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