A Birthday!

Today is the birthday of my partner, best friend, fellow blogger, and husband.


Good morning! Where’s the coffee?

We met in 1990 when we were both living in Kansas, and married in 1996. If you’d told me back then that we would be living in Panama I’d have told you that you’re crazy! 😀 But, it has been an interesting journey with more twists and turns than we ever imagined, and more fun along the way that I’ve ever had.

chillin in the morning

chillin in the morning

It makes a big difference in life if you have a good partner at your side. I am very fortunate 🙂

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About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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28 Responses to A Birthday!

  1. Sunni Morris says:


    Happy birthday to your hubby. You are fortunate to be on the same page.

    Best wishes,


    • Yes, isn’t that the truth! The problems we’ve had in earlier years are a good thing because now we know how fortunate we are to have found each other.


      • Mike Morgan says:

        I live in Independence, Mo. We have 11 inches of snow. I have read several books on Panama. I found your blog and am enjoying it a lot. Hope to visit Panama soon. Keep up the good words Mike


  2. Karen Ama Panama says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Hubby! How wonderful to be able to spend it with family. Enjoy your day!


  3. Robert&Helen Berding says:

    Happy birthday. Helen and I do almost everything together in Saint Lucia (Caribbean). Still very anxious to sell our home over here. We are prepared to move to Panama, David area. We have all documents ready when we move to Panama and apply for the pensionado visa. Fortunately in The Netherlands all official documents are multi lingual Inc. Spanish. As I worked 13 years in Spain, my Spanish is fluent. In my sparetime in Panama I would like to teach Spanish. Anyway I can also teach English to Panamenians. Enjoy the snow. We have not seen it in more than 10 years.


    • He says thanks! Your Spanish will be very helpful here. There is a big push to learn English here so that should be very helpful as well. As for the paperwork, it’s always red tape just part of the process.


  4. 4sarge says:

    Happy Birthday, Enjoy the Sunshine and Warmth


  5. Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday, Joel. I hope you and Kris have a wonderful day. Isn’t it so wonderful to be with the one you love in the place you love to be living!


  6. indacampo says:

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños Joel! ¡Esperamos que haya muchos, muchos más por venir!

    KA & E


  7. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Joel!!! And you must be thrilled to see the snow!!!! Kidding, of course. Best Wishes, Julia


  8. Jerry says:

    For Joel —– “Que Tenga, un buen dia” — first Spanish I learned in Panama was from you and I use it now to wish you a happy birthday. Looking forward to seeing you an about 3 months.


  9. Kevin says:

    Happy birthday and many happy returns to Joel. See you both soon.


  10. allison5 says:

    Happy birthday to Joel! So wonderful to have an amazing partner!


  11. John and Susan Pazera says:

    Happy birthday to Joel! Hope you’re having a great time in Seattle and we’ll see you next week – yay!
    – John and Susan


  12. oldsalt1942 says:

    Congratulations, Joel, on making another orbit of the sun without stepping in front of one of those crazy Panamanian drivers…


  13. Capt Dan says:

    He’s a musician and everyone knows they’re never to be trusted. You promised that he would sing and play for us and he never has! Glad he has a good minder in you though! Happy BD Joel!


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