Home For Sale, 20 Minutes from David

This looks like a really lovely home.


My friend and the guy who has houses for sale and for rent (Eduardo Horna) asked me to post info on a house he has the listing on.

Hey Joe ,

You wont not believe the property I just got in my hands to sell …:

Beautiful 2 brm house built by Canadians in a 2.5 acre only 20 min from David.

Asking Price is 159,000. Fully furnished, paved road and every thing .

Check it out , if you don’t mind put it up in your blog, maybe ?

This is a deal , here is the link ,House for sale

Ed Horna


Joel here-I don’t know anything about it except what Ed said in the email and what I see in the photos and it does look nice. Contact Ed NOT me for more info. His email address is:  Río Chiriquí <riochiriqui@gmail.com>

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  1. Marie Town says:

    Hello: I will like to talk to you on a promotion of a property in Panamá. Thanks. Lourdes transvivid@gmail.com ph 226-0503


    • Sorry, I don’t do that and don’t know the first thing about promoting property here. You could talk with Eduardo though if its in the David – Boquete area.


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