Tuesday in Nicaragua

I was moving right along catching up on blog posts and photos, and the internet went out. I have been working off line so when things are fixed everything is probably going to get posted all at once. We have been having a great time and doing all sorts of things, and if it wasn’t for some afternoon rains I probably wouldn’t be in the hammock long enough to write about them.

So, Tuesday, what did we do Tuesday? The first order of business was to walk to town and find a couple bikes to rent. Not only do I miss riding, and there are many places to explore here, it’s also easier to get some shopping and errands done when you don’t have to always track down our taxi driver (nice as he is, we are too used to coming and going as we please)

We decided to give the beach path a try. We heard that there is a good path that goes right to the ferry dock in town and indeed there is, and with some good photo ops along the way.

We found some very decent bikes to rent, $42 for both for two weeks. It felt great to be riding rather than walking, and I even have a basket on mine to carry stuff. Next stop was the supermarket and a produce market for a few things, and then we headed home.

Joel wanted to go back to the beach to hunt for old pottery pieces but that isn’t exactly a bike riding area so I left to ride around a bit while he did his thing.

When we got home, Joel investigated the water tank. There is a tank here for those times when the city water may not be flowing, so the house always has water. Something is dripping though so he went to investigate.

The tank is full of water so that is good, but still not sure what to do about the intermittent leak. The flowers below are very happy though.

The tank is full of water so that is good, but still not sure what to do about the intermittent leak. The flowers below are very happy though.

So, running around done we settled in to relax at the house for the rest of the day. It was hardly any time though when Joel hollered that I needed to grab the camera because the setting sun was turning the water into gold. We soon found out that we were in for a real treat.

Thus ends another day in this beautiful spot. We are liking it more every day.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Tuesday in Nicaragua

  1. Hugo Ernst says:

    I guess “a Fixer Upper” has a different meaning in Nicaragua when it comes to a building


    • Building in general has a different meaning. People here live in conditions that we would call unacceptable, but who are we to say what a person needs to have a happy life? Seeing the people here makes you think.


  2. John & Susan says:

    More excellent pictures. Are you using a filter of some kind?


    • Thanks! I just bought a Canon SX700HS right before I left because I really need a small travel camera. I have been very happy with it! I have done a little editing with my limited iPad software on some photos, mainly cropping and a little sharpening and brightening but otherwise, the photos are as they came out of the camera. The sunset photos here are unedited except for my name and resized so I don’t run through all my storage space so as you see, this camera can do a vey good job.


  3. indacampo says:

    I told you about the pigs! This one is a little cutie though. Great sunset photos too!


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