A Couple Paintings

Some people have asked to see what I have been working on in painting class lately. I have a grandson and two new granddaughters arriving very soon, so I have been working on gifts for them.

This one is for my California granddaughter. My teacher did a lot of work on the unicorns. They were flat and boring for me, but he is a master at light and shading and used his talents to make them come alive. The rest of the work is mine with many suggestions – more light here, more shade there, more light, more shade. I’m still trying to get it in my head that a painting isn’t exactly reality, and the light and shading that seem like a lot when I’m doing it is what gives it depth and interest.


The second one is for my 2 1/2 year old grandson. My husband had the idea of cars flying through the night sky, my daughter sent pictures of his favorite toys,  and now his toys are flying through the night sky.


The third painting (still is in progress) is for my Seattle granddaughter, a coral reef scene and if I am really ambitious and confident (or with the help of my teacher), a mom and baby mermaid.

I have four other paintings I did earlier and wrote about in this post. I’m somewhat happy with the third, a river scene, and quite happy with the fourth, an idea taken from batik fabric with a fish design. I still feel though that I am learning about the medium and the possibilities, and it’s going to take me a while yet to find my own style, my own voice. There is something that wants to come out but I can’t see it yet. Meanwhile I figure any experience is good so I’ll continue to paint what I find attractive and fun, and try to learn more about light and shading.

I’m sure that’s more than you all wanted to know about my attempts at painting 😀

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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12 Responses to A Couple Paintings

  1. Carole says:

    Love the paintings, so detailed. You are getting real good. I like your style, it is different than mine. Looks like you have a lot of imagination. Carole


  2. ME BE in Panama says:

    You have embraced every bit of your retirement journey Kris. I feel your nursing shoes still running, but this time they are running in a direction that provides compassion for you. What a welcome change after so many hours of toiling over others’ needs. Your voice is beautifully exhibited in the love of your art. Your kids will treasure your gifts forever.


  3. These paintings are beautiful, Kris, you’ve put so much love into them! I believe you will develop your inner style and talent. These will be treasured by your grandchildren for many years, well done!


  4. Sunni Morris says:

    The unicorn painting is really nice. Art is all about light and shade and knowing which parts to use where in order to make the scene come alive. Without that, the work won’t be three dimensional. I think you did a good job considering you started this not long ago. I painted a lot when I was younger and it takes a while to get the feel for things. Art is always a lot of fun. Your grandchildren will love these.


  5. great work, kris! they are both highly original and comforting, and your loved ones will surely treasure them forEVER!


    • Wow thank you. This especially means a lot coming from you 🙂 I’m enjoying it and hopefully will continue to progress. I remember ages ago when I bought some cut heliconia flowers, and you encouraged me to paint them on the wall. I actually did that eventually and think of you when I see them. I didn’t think at that time though that I would be doing more painting. Maybe you started something.


  6. Joyce says:

    I am so impressed!!!! I must come over to see them in person.


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