A Fun Night in Boquete and Pollera Dancers

Last Friday there was a benefit evening for the upcoming Jazz and Blues Festival. It was held at the beautiful Oasis Hotel. It included dinner, the dance demonstration by the Pollera Dancers, and then dancing and music by Yella Fever.

The grounds of the hotel are beautiful so we couldn’t resist taking a short walk around.

Then came the Pollera Dancers doing traditional Panamanian dances. It was very fun and interesting to see them, so check out the video to see a bit of the dancing.

Their dress, especially the woman’s Pollera is a very beautiful, intricate, and labor intensive traditional dress.

It’s not only the dress though. Look closely and you will see that the lady also wears a lot of jewelry and her hair is done in a very special way. My friend and fellow blogger wrote a very interesting post about the Pollera which includes an excellent video, so be sure to check it out.

I also found this charming video of another women getting dressed in all the parts that make up the pollera.

The Panamanian women are very beautiful, and when they get dressed in pollera they are stunning indeed!


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  1. Reblogged this on Latitude Adjustment and commented:
    I was planning a blog post about our fun night at El Oasis and the pollera exhibition, and my good friend and fellow blogger Kris beat me to it! She did a great job of capturing the magic of pollera. Enjoy!


  2. Really intricate dresses! Knowing me and my clumsiness I’d have fallen off the platform, haha. Thanks for sharing this, Kris!


    • I notice they do wear sensible shoes. They have also been dancing for many years according to the background info they talked about on a break from dancing. I couldn’t do it either though. I can do quite a few things but dancing isn’t one of them.


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