Instant Translation?!

This looks amazing, almost too good to be true. These little devices fit in your ears and translate what is being said to you instantly. They are controlled by an app on your phone.

It’s The Pilot system from Waverly Labs


$129, coming in September. How much have I spent on Spanish, classes? Yeah, more than that. Someone needs to buy them and try them out, and report back!

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13 Responses to Instant Translation?!

  1. Cassandra says:

    I seen those advertised. It looked like there were two ear buds. It would work great if you married someone was dating someone that could wear the other one. It might be for me to hear someone who speaks Spanish to understand, but its the replying back to them thats the problem. lol. Now if I can use the ear bud for me to understand and an app to type in my response and it replies in Spanish would be awesome 🙂


    • Good point. I noticed in the video both people had their own set of ear buds. But, do you take an extra set and extra phone when you go to the veggie shack on the corner – here, put these in your ears so we can talk to each other. How much is the broccoli?… I’n not sure how that would work out. 😀


      • Cassandra says:

        yeah I was just talking with my daughter about that and we agreed walking up to someone who you cant communicate with and try handing them an earbud. In Panama I think they would look at me like I was stupid and what is this .


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    That sounds like a good idea.


    • Alex says:

      New earbuds from Waverly Tech claim to translate conversations as they are happening


      • Interesting article! Thanks. There was a video in the article I had and the translation happened very fast.
        I hope all is well with you and your family. Greetings to your wife.


  3. I work in a clinic and schedule translators to attend doctor’s appointments for our Spanish speaking and other language speaking patients. If the translator doesn’t show up we have to reschedule the appointment. If this could also work in the medical world it would be amazing


    • Oh yes, it seems in that situation it would be a wonderful thing! You’d never have to worry about someone showing up either, and it would probably save you money too. No more translators to pay.
      Speaking of which, one of my neighbors speaks perfect English and he is a medical translator. They put him on the computer screen in the exam room and he translates between the patient and the doctor. They are in the US, and he is in his house in Panama. Pretty cool!


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