Ballet in Panama

Panama is not a cultural center, but I have been seeing more and more events here. Most things are in Panama City, of course, which is on the opposite side of the country from us, but still it is nice to see that there are things going on.

Today I saw this  We have ofertasimple which is like groupon, offering discounts on a variety of things from restaurants, spa treatments, hotels, events, and all sorts of other things. Today they had a deal on the Russian Ballet who will be performing Swan Lake in Panama City. You don’t get more upscale than the Russian ballet!


The Metropolitan Opera in New York broadcasts performances live to movie theaters, and those are also available in Panama City. I’ve seen symphony concerts and other classical music, plays, theater, pop concerts and many other events advertised in Panama City. That makes sense since it is a big city with the population to support such events.

Here in Chiriqui we are not totally without culture. There is an expat community in Boquete and they have a lot of things going on up there such as a theater, lectures on a variety of subjects, photography club with a gallery in the library, and we can’t forget the famous and well attended Blues and Jazz Festival that is a yearly event.

If cultural events are really important to you, you might feel deprived in Panama especially outside of Panama City. But there seems to be an increasing number of events which is nice to see. And, we also have the internet which provides a wealth of opportunities.

Even my art school here in David also offers music, ballet, and other dance classes and some of those kids are impressive.


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    I understand that the World Renown Yanni is coming to the Figally Auditorium at the Amador Causway exit of the Cinta Costera ! And what a Great Show that will be. Yanni is Truly the Most ! In the line of Cultural Events, I would definitely consider this to be one of the Very Best Shows that you can possibly see in the entire cultural and classic horizon. I would’t miss it for the world. Hope to see you there, and also all of my friends.


  2. That’s wonderful to hear. I’ve read there’s a burgeoning music scene in Panama City too – particularly in Casca Viejo – live jazz, among other genres. Where there’s live jazz, there’s life! (At least in my book).


  3. Do not forget it is now Whale Watching Season. Come to Pedasi and watch the the whales swim by from any of several beaches. Or take a panga whale watching trip for an up close view. it is generally $180 for 4 people, that is over $100 per person less than if you go whale watching in Panama City!


    • Ahh yes indeed, it is! I know people who have seen them from the beach. That is so cool. We may not have everything in Panama but we definitely have a lot of good things to enjoy.


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