Are You Willing to Help?

A young Panamanian university student is in a tough spot fighting lymphoma. My friend and fellow blogger is helping him and his family raise some much needed funds. If we all help a little bit it can add up to a significant difference for this family.

In Da Campo

A while ago I was asked to help set up a fundraising site for the nephew of one of my friend’s.  I agreed on the condition that the family provided me with details about his condition.  Today, I finally completed reading through, translating and putting that website up.

I already knew that he has had a struggle, first with a misdiagnosis and then with traveling back and forth every couple of weeks for chemotherapy.  The community came together and raised $1,000.00 earlier in the year, but the people of our town are farmers, fishermen, and laborers that don’t make much more than $20.00 a day for the most part.

Marbin is fortunate.  He has a loving family surrounding him that would do anything to see him well.  He has two younger siblings still in school, and he is trying to complete his university studies while he has been ill.  There…

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