Tiny Eggs

When I brought the laundry in from the clothesline a few days ago, I noticed some tiny green eggs on one of the socks. There was a bright green beetle with orange edges on another sock so this could be the source of the eggs. The next day Joel found similar but pink eggs on a towel. I have a dish with a gecko egg on my shelf, so I added the little eggs so I could watch and see what happens.

Yesterday I saw that the pink eggs had hatched.


Today, the green eggs had also hatched.

There is always something interesting around here! I put the baby bugs in a quiet part of the yard on a large leaf the is protected by another leaf. I’m still waiting on the gecko. The gecko egg has changed from a translucent pinkish color to gray so I think it’s getting closer.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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11 Responses to Tiny Eggs

  1. Jim VanZwol says:

    Love your blog Kris!!!!


  2. Pretty little things Kris. Looking forward to the hatching of the gecko eggs event.


    • I had some other gecko eggs a while back, and even managed to catch a photo of one hatchling before it ran off. Maybe I’ll get lucky with this one too.


      • I remember your previous post of gecko eggs – enjoyed that too. Geckos are among my favorite things – loved watching them come out in the evenings in my grandparents house and listening to the delightful kissing sounds they made.


        • We have a lot of them, and I also see yellow headed geckos, annulated geckos, and whiptail lizards on a regular basis. We even have a gecko living in the kitchen. We leave a light on at night so it’s probably enjoying any bugs that come to it.

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  3. OK, so now you have become a “Foster Parent” to Bugs and Geckos, whats next – iguanas, birds, pigs, cows, horses? LOL ;>}


  4. Robert&Helen says:

    We had always dogs. One time when we lived in the Caribbean we had 5. Now we have 3. They are cheerful,love us and we love them. They are happy in our garden en 4 times a week on our quite street playing with other dogs of neighbours. They hate cats. Frogs they do not bother. One of our dogs chases lizards and eat them. Not small Geckoos. Spiders they ignore. Centipedes and Scorpions the keep distance and start to bark. Once we had two large birds of pray Harpias flying low over our garden and I had to take the little one inside. Hapias are the second largest birds of pray with long and sharp claws hunting fast monkeys in the trees.


    • I love dogs too. I don’t want to take care of anyone or anything at this point in life, but I’m thankful that anytime I want a dog I can borrow one from the neighborhood.


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