The Mentally Ill Homeless Need Care – has our society lost it’s soul ?

This article about homelessness in Australia was written by one of my blog followers. The USA is not the only country that struggles with these issues. Click the link below to read the whole article, and while you are there check out some of the other articles. I’m glad to know someone who is trying to improve conditions for brothers and sisters in need.

It’s not because we can’t afford to care for the sick, it’s because we don’t want to. We tend to see the sick as weak or unworthy, we are told that health spending is out of…

Source: The Mentally Ill Homeless Need Care – has our society lost it’s soul ?


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  1. Robert & Helen says:

    Sad but true. In Western Europe one will find not many of homeless people living in cars or sleeping on the streets. Yes more problems are coming up with illegal immigrants, mainly from Africa.


  2. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    One of the most important organizations in solving this problem is the Salvation Army:

    Unlike most “charitable” organizations, more of the donations go toward helping people than any other non-church related organization.

    Homelessness is a tough problem to solve for any country but the reasons behind it are mostly the same. Simply providing a home does not fix the underlying cause. Giving people a purpose and making them self-sufficient allows them to decide their own future.


    • The Salvation Army people are wonderful people!. They have been there for people in need for a very long time. I remember they were active in Florida too with a shelter, counseling, and resources to help people get back on their feet. There are a lot of good people trying to help but the problem is just so big.
      Thanks for the very interesting link.


  3. Ed says:

    The mentally ill were allowed to leave caring facilities in CA when Reagan was Gov there. I believe it was ACLU that caused this by using the courts to show that the mentally ill were not a threat to anyone. The sad reality is that they are a threat to themselves but because of the ACLU the state had to cave on taking care of them and protecting them from themselves. Anyone who doesn’t wish shelter, food, healthcare, protection from harsh elements is probably not normal and most likely mentally ill. The ACLU deserves praise for getting these individuals out of a protected environment so they can have a miserable existence living on the streets where the government is powerless to protect them. So thank you ACLU for making all of our lives “better”.


    • Yeah, that didn’t turn out well. You can’t put people out into the community if they can’t fend for themselves and the community doesn’t have the resources to care for them. I don’t know why that decision hasn’t been undone except it’s probably cheaper to leave them on the streets.


    • jim and nena says:

      There is a similar ACLU issue in Seattle claiming the homeless have a “right” to permanent camps on the city’s public land. (Which denies the use of public land by non-homeless, i.e. taxpaying citizens.)
      The camps have no sanitary facilities, no code-compliant structures so they are a health risk to those living there and the nearby community.


      • My younger daughter lives in Seattle and it is very expensive there, and I can see how it would be really difficult for someone to get off the street. These people have no where to go but I agree, you can’t have them living on public land without facilities. My California daughter told me they are working on a community of tiny houses for the homeless there. Maybe that will work out?


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