Around the Neighborhood

I hadn’t been out on my bike for SO long! I don’t know, inertia, laziness, busy… but yesterday Joel gave me the boost I needed to get out there. We didn’t go far but it felt great! I took my camera so here is a little bit of what we saw.

There is a new neighborhood going in not far from ours. Just across from our neighborhood is another of single family homes but they are building an apartment building there. It doesn’t seem like it will fit in but we’ll see what it’s like when it’s done. The last photo is the hill with the cross on top that you can see as you go up the road to Boquete. We are on the back side of that hill. It is the height of summer dry season and you can see how brown and dry everything looks.

There are some gorgeous trees at this time of year. The most spectacular are the yellow ones that are about done for the season, but pink and white ones are still blooming and looking beautiful.

There are quite a few other things blooming as well.

By March I am always tired of dry season. I don’t like everything brown and dead, and the constant heat and sun is getting old. But, there are upsides like all these beautiful flowers. If I whine, remind me of all the people in the northeast USA who are getting a blizzard!

(Bug warning below!)  This noisy bird was sitting on our front fence the other day, and one night I came out to see this cool bug sitting on one of my solar lights. It was very nice and let me get as close as I wanted, use a flash, turn it this way and that, and it didn’t even move.

Just another day in the life of a retired expat in Panama.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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18 Responses to Around the Neighborhood

  1. Wonderful views, and love seeing the wild life, and even those bugs have a purpose 🙂 take care.. 🙂


  2. Ken Kimsey says:

    The hill with the cross on it…is that located at a church? I’m just curious. It’s on the road to Boquete, right?


    • No church, just an unoccupied hill. Yes, you can see it as you leave David on the way to Boquete. I think it’s a little bit above the site for the new bus terminal and mall, but on the other side of Via Boquete.


  3. Alan says:

    That bird is a Cow Bird, and yes they are extremely noisy! I no likey when they stay in my hood from March – Sept.


    • I’m trying to think… Texas maybe? there were so many of them. Here we only have a few which is better. I don’t blame you for getting tired of them after months and months!


  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Great photos. Loved viewing your neighborhood.


  5. So beautiful! Get rid of those nasty bugs and I’ll be there! 🙂


  6. Flowers, bugs, birds, bike rides, dogs (not on leashes), horses – what more could one want? Chickens! I would want chickens, with a rooster…


    • We have chickens! There are everywhere, including in our neighborhood. We don’t miss the rooster on the corner though who used to visit the neighbor’s yard at 5AM, and make us think of the many ways we could eat him. 😀

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      • Now I’m looking forward to photos of chickens. Eat the rooster? No, no, no. Roosters have so much personality. Though I must admit being woken up by one that’s not your own at 5am could be a bit of a nuisance.


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