Good People to Know in Panama

If you come here to visit, or to live, there are some really good people who will make your life easier, and/or assist with critical processes. I thought it might be good to gather them all together here for reference. It doesn’t mean these are the only people who do what they do, but these are people I know personally and I can recommend them with confidence.

Lawyer – Marcos Kraemer  If you want to apply for residency, a good lawyer is critical to make things go smoothly. Marcos responds in a timely manner, pays meticulous attention to every detail, and is just a nice guy who really knows his job. His prices are on the website.

Panama City – Luis Arce 6536 1179 He will pick you up from the airport, give you a tour, help you get your drivers license or cedula, arrange for shipping your extra suitcases across the country, drive your dogs where they need to go, and probably about anything else you can imagine. He speaks English, responds promptly, shows up on time, and works hard to meet your needs whatever they may be.

Chiriqui, Boquete and David – Eduardo Horna 6567 1127 He is a realtor who can help you find a place to live. He will pick you up from the airport or bus station, give you a tour, or help with anything else you need on your visit or to get settled into your life here. He’s a native of Chiriqui so he knows the area and has many contacts, and speaks fluent English.

Travel agent – Andrea Cook (Licensed and Bonded in Panama )  She is a gringa who speaks English, and understands how important it is to respond and get things done in a timely manner. She is based in Boquete but can do everything by email and phone from wherever you are. And, if you qualify for the jubilado discounts (retired people discounts) she can arrange that for any flight, any airline leaving Panama. We have used her a few times and she has gotten us good prices and thought of every detail to make our trip go smoothly.

Spanish teacher – Yaira Muñoz Concepcion  She teaches over skype so you can have private lessons wherever you are. She will work with your schedule, has endless kindness and patience, is affordable, and has years of experience. She is Panamanian so you can learn the local accent, culture, and customs. Even a little Spanish will make your time in Panama much easier and more enjoyable.

Panama runs on relationships, so not only is it very helpful to know people who can help you get things done, these relationships can open doors into the social fabric of the country. Start with Yaira to learn some Spanish, Andrea to make arrangements to get you here, Luis and Eduardo to take care of you while you are here, and Marcos to get you legal to stay.


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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12 Responses to Good People to Know in Panama

  1. Luis is “THE BEST”!

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  2. Fred Shaw says:

    Hi Kris, Fred and Joanne Shaw here.
    Thanks for the great information in this post, and the other information from your previous posts.
    We are starting to get things geared up for our move to Panama next year.
    The Lawyer referral will be most helpful.
    Say hi to Joel for us.


    • Oh good, glad you found it helpful! Contact Marcos soon to find out what you need. It’s easier to get everything in order while you are still in the US. Then you can arrive with all your documents in hand and move forward quickly.
      Joel says hi back 🙂


  3. It’s very thoughtful of you to provide this information all in one place. Your experience in moving to and living in Panama will help immensely when I finally decide to make the transition. It’s also free in comparison costly advice from places such as Live and Invest Overseas.


    • We have been very fortunate that others have recommended these good people to us, and I’m happy to pass the info along.
      Yes, use caution with info from people trying to profit from it. There are quite a few bloggers, and also a great Facebook group – expats in Panama, with people only trying to be helpful.


  4. Sunni Morris says:


    How nice of you to take your time to list good people to know for those going to Panama. It’s always better to have a word of mouth referral from someone who knows.


  5. Kathryn Schutz says:

    Thanks so much. Your posts are so helpful to someone considering moving to Panama. I will be coming down next April with my son. Is there someone who can take me to different areas that I’m considering moving to?


    • What areas are you considering? The main people I know are in the post. Google Panama Relocation Tours, organized by Jackie Lange. Some like that idea, and others just get on the bus and go where they want on their own. There is also a large Facebook group – Expats in Panama. You might be able to connect with people in the areas you are considering.


  6. Thanks Kris – invaluable information to have at hand all in one place!


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