A Bit of Wildlife

We love living next to a wooded area because of all the wildlife, mostly birds and bugs. Maybe not so much the scorpion that walked across the patio almost under our feet last night, but the majority of the wildlife is beautiful and harmless.

These birds hatched in a little nest in our front bushes. I tried not to bother them much, but when I went to check about a week after this picture was taken they were gone. I hope they flew off with mom instead of being someone’s lunch.

We have tons of grasshoppers. I think the coolest at the large black and red ones, but these interesting grasshoppers are the largest. My neighbor’s first response is to grab her shoe and get ready to smash it because they eat plants, but she’s not allowed to do that in my yard. It’s a safe for critters zone unless they are really causing a problem.

I happened to glance out the window yesterday and saw this laughing falcon sitting on the tree branch. They are very cool  birds but really loud when they have something to say. As they are warming up they sound like they are laughing, thus the name I’m sure.

After five years here I’m fairly accustomed to the wildlife we usually see but it’s still always interesting. I love being surrounded by so much life every day.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to A Bit of Wildlife

  1. Bernie Gaider says:

    Kris, during our last Wednesday hike we were at Palmero (spelling?) and saw a laughing Falcon as well. Very cool. Fortunately we had some bird saavy people with us to identify it.


  2. Robert&Helen says:

    Apparently the Magpie is the most intelligent bird. Can be domesticated.


  3. Claudia Sullins says:

    That is so cool! I want to see those. I’ve heard some birds that, I swear, sounds like they are saying, “Coup de Ville” Cracks me up! I do not know what they are though.


  4. diconnblog says:

    I would love the birds and some of the other wildlife but not so much the ‘creepy crawlers’. Even a small spider sends me screaming lol. It must be amazing though to wake up and see so much of nature right outside your window.


    • Oh my no, I don’t think you would be happy here. We have so many spiders of all types and sizes. My husband discovered that if you wear a headlamp at night the yard is full of green glowing dots, the eyes of spiders looking back at you. We will send you to a high rise in the city though, put some distance between you and the creepy crawlers 😄


  5. Oh the baby birds are so cute! And the bugs are nice from MANY miles away 🙂


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