Panama is cold and wet, very very wet

October and November are the height of rainy season, and it has been raining! Tropical storm Nate has been moving through the Caribbean and causing a lot of the rain. I think it was Tuesday, it started in the early afternoon and rained hard through the evening and night. Wednesday was more rain, and Thursday was very cool with a light fog/drizzle rain off and in. This morning it’s cool again, not actively raining but overcast and dark.

David, una Cuidad para la Modernidad posted a video in their Facebook page of a river between David and the Costa Rica border. Usually it’s about 20 feet below the bridge but in the video it was almost to the bridge and large, full size trees had only their tops showing. Facebook Video.  If the link works you can take a look. This river flooded a few years ago and took out the west bound bridge and I was told that all happened in a matter of a few hours.

There is also flooding in Puerto Armuelles. Maybe This Link works so you can see that video.

Costa Rica is also flooding. There is an article HERE. It says three people have died, and the crocodiles near Jaco are wandering about because of the flooding in their river.

This was our thermometer yesterday morning and it only went up a few degrees all day.

Today it’s almost as cool. I know many of you are shaking your heads but for us, this is really cool. After living in Florida for 17 years and (sea level) Panama for 5, we are acclimated to and comfortable with temperatures in the 80’s.

We have a river behind our neighborhood. We are so high it couldn’t reach us up here, and there is no building allowed done there for good reason. There is a family of Indians squatting down there though and their closeness to the river concerns me.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Robert & Helen. says:

    It is 64.4 degens at 10 a.m. today Friday in Alto Boquete.


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    It has rained quite a bit in South Florida, too, without an official “storm”. Yesterday the temperature was 77 F in the afternoon, well below the forecasted 88 F. I was in Costa Rica during the rainy season a couple of years ago and experienced just how hard it can rain in a tropical area. Stay safe! Love your reports!


    • You Florida folks have had more than your share of weather problems! When Irma was approaching I was concerned for you all and glad I was elsewhere.
      Yes indeed Costa Rica also has the big downpours, and now too much and flooding in many areas.
      Thanks! and no worries. Usually we can just stay in when it rains. Thanks for the reblog too 🙂

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  3. David says:

    Hi Kris, i got here in august ,testing the waters, its been raining almost every day, but not a cold rain, or windy except for the last few days, its a little cooler now, and i had to buy a sweat shirt with hood, in the mornings its mostly clear, but after 10am all bets are off, i like it so far but sometimes i like finding a nice place outside with a good book ,and now thats almost impossible , i used to go to boquete central park and sit on the concrete benches and read and write sometimes , i now miss that., the other day i saw a local in a pick up truck, with metal rails , he had a full grown bull in back driving passed the police station, many side streets leading to town you see fields with cows and horses, and gardens, i once had a conversation with a horse as i waited under a tree for the rain to stop, she let me pet her head, she came right up to the fence when i called to her.,so far i like it but it seems ro be getting cooler now, when i get out of the gym im still sweating, when i go out to catch a bus or taxi back home ,id hate to catch a cold here..


    • Ahh, you are in Boquete area. Lots of folks up there are cold at the moment and we all are getting an unusual amount of rain. Hopefully things will be more normal soon with at least sunny mornings. I remind myself that in March and April we will be begging for rain.

      Yes, agriculture is a big thing in this area and it’s not unusual to see large animals in trucks. How nice that you had a pleasant conversation with the horse. Usually they are shy if they don’t know you.

      Stay well and here’s wishing all of us a bit more sunshine.


      • David says:

        where is a nice beach from boquete and what bus would i take?


        • All buses meet in David 😁 Seriously, go to David and then catch a bus to La Barqueta, the closest, Boca Chica, more an island area than a beach but very pretty, or Las Lajas, the farthest but less riptides and dangerous waves than La Barqueta. Both beaches have a hotel, and there are places to stay at Boca Chica if you want more than a day trip.


  4. Jo Anne says:

    so glad you live on high ground. So do we (if you consider 12ft. high ground) At least higher and not close to the ocean like when we go to Florida. Congratulations on your new music festivities. Stay in touch and keep up the blogs. Jo Anne


  5. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    I used this link from my facebook page and found the video. WoW! Nena saw it and exclaimed, “Chuleta”, with surprise.
    The truck drivers were vocally upset with the pedestrians on the bridge, no walkway and they were causing the driver some frustration judging by the language. A dangerous situation for everyone.

    I think the bridge is over Rio Terraba in Costa Rica. The westbound bridge that was destroyed was over Rio Chico before reaching La Concepcion.
    The westbound bridge was rebuilt, elevated. The eastbound bridge is still original.

    This time of year is why Nena loves David so much over Boquete. She remembers far too many rainy seasons, and even still gets gloomy when the spring/fall rains begin here. Luckily, Fort Worth gets about 230 sunny days a year and we don’t often have a week of no sunshine. Even the winters are usually sunny so the low temps are not bad.


    • I’m not familiar enough with Costa Rica to say, but I know they have had a lot of flooding over there. I do know the one before Concepcion. It took them a while to rebuild it but it’s done well and higher than the old one. I suppose there is a possibility of the old east bound bridge getting damaged though if the river goes crazy again.

      I like David the best for many reasons, the weather being very high on the list! Maybe when you run out of projects (ha!) you can make Nena an solarium with those daylight lights, blue ceiling, pretty plants and then she would think it’s a sunny day even when the weather is gloomy.


    • jim and nena says:

      OMGosh, I never thought about it but Nena DID paint a blue sky with white puffy clouds on the ceiling of one of our bathrooms! She has better than average talent and it looks great.
      She also plants or replants flowers every week all around the house so even during winter we have blooms and color. I offered to build her a greenhouse in back but she opted for hot tub, instead. (That does not rule out building a greenhouse, I was told.)


  6. fegary says:

    I was surprised a couple of nights ago when our son complained about the cold, but once he mentioned it I realized he was right. The next day he mentioned visiting Boquete and all we could do was laugh and start off with “if you’re cold here! …”
    Most years we really welcome the rain, but the recent torrential downpours have been a bit excessive.

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    • It’s Sunday now, and very nice to see quite a bit of sunshine today. And, it was cold! The band played on the Boquete Brewery patio Friday evening and I had on my heavy sweatshirt.


  7. friends from costa rica wrote to tell about the rains, flooding and landslides… i suspected it was from nate…

    am offline a lot but have enjoyed your latest posts —- i load the pages and read them offline!


  8. Sunni Morris says:

    Consider yourself lucky to have it 70 degrees there. I bet it never gets much colder than that. I sure wish I could say the same for here in the desert southwest of the US. We’ve been around 80 so far but I know what;s coming having been here 13 years now. I dread it too, I might add. I’d much rather be sweating from every pore than have to endure the cold, although 115 in the summer is a bit much. Glad you’re safe from all the flooding.


    • Yes, not much goes on here weather wise. It’s very unusual for it to go below 70, and it may get up into the 90’s but in the dry season when it isn’t as uncomfortable. I’ve heard about the temperature extremes in your area, and I wouldn’t enjoy being house bound because it’s so hot or so cold.


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