No Hay Nada

There is nothing. What do you say when you are just living your daily life and nothing special is going on?

We went to a different supermarket and found the teriyaki sauce we wanted. The mini super still didn’t have gas cans though. (We use gas in the kitchen, similar to what we used for a BBQ in the USA, $5.12, lasts about a month). We cleaned the house yesterday and did a bit of laundry this morning. Oh, and some friends visited us yesterday, I chatted with others on line, and FaceTimed with both of my daughters and all the grandkids.

The weather is still strange with sprinkles of rain, and a downpour a few days ago. This is supposed to be dry season when it doesn’t rain at all so I’m very happy for any rain the clouds want to give us. Yesterday it was 84, sunny and breezy in the afternoon, but a friend in Boquete said it was cold, windy and rainy up there. This is why we live down here in David. Today, early afternoon, it’s 85, more clouds than sun, light breeze, just perfect in my opinion.

The band had the weekend off for the first time since I started playing with them, and I really enjoyed that. We went up to Boquete for practice Saturday afternoon and also met a new bass player. He’s a professional and more than up to the job, and a really nice guy. He doesn’t want the commitment of a band but would like to play some. Now I can go back to the US to see family, he can take my place while I’m away, and it will work out perfectly for everyone.

In the evening Joel, Chris (our drummer) and I went out for the evening. We first had dinner at  Baru (a restaurant) where Adam’s band was playing, an excellent group of musicians and really nice guys. Then we went to the Boquete Brewing Company where musicians from Panama City were playing. It’s a real treat to get out and hear other musicians! It was about 1AM when we finally made it back home.

One great thing about retirement, if you want to sleep until noon? No problem! With too many late nights I’ve been doing that more lately. It doesn’t help that we have been watching Designated Survivor on Netflix, and we have to watch just one more episode  because they left you hanging on a cliff.

This is what goes  on when there is nothing going on. Some fun, some chores and errands, some relaxing, some talking with friends and family, music practice, biking a little, watching the sky. It’s getting darker and darker so I’d probably better rescue the laundry from the clothesline.

Yep, here comes the rain. No, now that the laundry is inside, the sun is coming out again. Mi vida difícil aquí (hand to forehead).

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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15 Responses to No Hay Nada

  1. Karen says:

    Perfect Just Perfect


  2. Oh, I need a new Netflix series. Designated Survivor sounds good. Have a relaxing day. 😃


  3. oldsalt1942 says:

    Here’s what I learned about shopping in Panama. You have to go to several different stores to get everything you want and need because they each stock differently. If you see something you might want another day, GET IT NOW because there’s a good chance it won’t be around later. If there are three of the same item on the shelf TAKE TWO because there’s a good chance it won’t be around later.

    I once heard it said that someone was told why an item had been discontinued at a market and the answer was because “it’s too hard to keep on the shelf.” In other words people are buying too much of the stuff.


    • That is so true! Your favorite seasoning will disappear for even a couple years, but if you bring a supply from the US, it could suddenly reappear. Go to the same place you bought your printer to find ink? Nope. The supermarket has more sewing supplies than most of the fabric stores. Does chasing down things make you crazy? Then you might not be a good fit for this life. I’m thankful I’m retired and have the time for it, and the flexibility to be happy with what is available.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kris. What type of music does the band play? Gary


  5. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    When I quit going in to work in 2009, everyone wanted to know what I was going to do during retirement!?! I had been working a real job since I was 15. I had one 6 month layoff in 1991 where Nena worked and I didn’t. What am I going to do? NOTHING.

    At least, that was my plan. Today, for example, I spent most of the morning and half the afternoon working on pine wood derby cars for my grandson’s Cub Scout pack. Yesterday, I helped a neighbor put up an owl box on his property. And so it goes. I may be busier now than when I was working but it is all stuff that I love to do. My todo list is longer than it has ever been but it only has tasks that I want todo and there are no dates for completion. (I solved the rain-on-the-laundry the first year of retirement, I put up clotheslines in our enclosed back porch!) Life is good.


    • I know what you mean. How did we have time to work?! Now whatever I plan for the day never gets entirely done. But, with the need to make money taken off the table, like you said, we can fill our days with things we choose to do. What a luxury.
      Oh, and we have a clothesline under roof but it’s a bit small for hanging a set of sheets. It gets used a lot for smaller things, and the underside of the roof has support beams that are perfect for hanging hangers.


  6. Donald Mack says:

    I too have been watching DS and have the DVR to record every week, they do seem to be leaving you on the edge of your seat every week Kiefer Sutherland is good actor for the part he plays we’ll both be watching it every week


  7. Donald Mack says:

    a shame we have to wait for the next episode


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