Expat Wealth and its Dictates

This is article #4 written by my friend By, and it’s about having money and as an expat, more money than your friends and neighbors in your adopted country.

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Chances are, you do have more money in your adopted country, often a lot more. As By says, as soon as you step off the plane you get an automatic upgrade. This is true in Panama, but not always. Panama City, Coronado, Boquete, and other well known expat communities are expensive.  Many locals have been priced out of these communities and the ones who remain probably are fairly well off (or having an even harder time getting by).

But, in general,  look around at your neighbors. The middle class is doing well here in Panama and we see people driving better cars, upgrading their houses, and showing other signs of better living. But, still, many people live in very small and modest homes, extended families all live together, and people tend to work long hours for not much pay. Things are handed down and repaired as necessary, not thrown away and the yard is used for growing food as well as flowers.

By’s point is well made wherever you live. It’s about being sensitive to your friends and neighbors. Don’t flash your money and possessions around when they have less, and don’t expect more of them than their circumstances allow. (I’m talking about the locals, not the other expats but I think it applies in any circumstances).

I found this other, related article and thought it was interesting.

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