Can’t Take a Panama Relocation Tour?

The Panama Relocation Tours have become more and more popular as word has spread about their value, and as happy customers have shared their experiences. The tours were sold out for many months in advance, even before coronavirus.

And then, the coronavirus shut down everything! Now, even people who had tours booked are staying home, and those who want to book are having to wait a lot longer for a spot.

So, Jackie Lange and her team, intelligent and resourceful people that they are, came up with an alternative. How can you still get all that information when you can’t take a tour? Read their guide! They have taken everything they know from their years of research and experience, and put it together in a guide so you will have everything you could possibly need to know, and at a fraction of the price of a tour. It’s also updatable so you will have the most current information at all times.

Here’s the link for you –>

Of course it is still recommended that you visit Panama to see how it feels to you before you make any life changing decisions, but the guide should help you decide where you want to focus your time and attention, and should help you proceed with confidence and success if you decide that Panama is for you.

I know I didn’t always recommend these tours, and we didn’t take one ourselves. We were really clear on where we wanted to land, and we were lucky enough to have some valuable contacts and resources before we arrived. But I have changed my mind about the tours over the last few years. So many people have told me how well the tour worked out for them and how glad they were to have taken it. And, I see Jackie Lange on line, on social media, and occasionally in person and I really respect the sensible, accurate, no nonsense advice she shares. She is not selling anything and does not get paid for recommendations. Everyone she recommends has earned it through good work and happy clients.  Jackie only wants people to have everything they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their futures, and to have the smoothest transition to their new life in Panama if that is what they choose.

So, there is my $.02 on the Panama Relocation folks.

Meanwhile, all of us are living this different existence and hoping to come out the other side without too much damage and with luck, having made some good use of our time. I hope you all are staying safe, healthy, and hopefully as calm and happy as possible under the circumstances. Life WILL return to normal, or some new version of normal. It’s going to take a while though. Meanwhile take good care of yourselves and each other.


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to Can’t Take a Panama Relocation Tour?

  1. 4sarge says:

    Great Report. Since I’m NOT Fluent in Spanish, fully aware of the laws, customs & differing culture, geography of the various areas, a Tour for me would be Most Beneficial. Over the years of Interest, I’ve seen the Pros & Cons for Jackie, Oscar, & Rod. With Money & Time I’d do Both. 1 Week & Over nite here & there isn’t enough for me to make a valid opinion. I’m sure there are Spots, that I’d say No way. I was Primarily interested in Chiriqui, but have a friend in Las Tablas. El Valle has also been of Interest. Maybe, 1 Day. I’d Love the Beach area But the Wife would prefer the Cooler Clime. Maybe, one day. I’d NOT Buy, enough Home Ownership over the years for me.


    • Thanks! Glad you found it useful. One thing about Panama, it’s small and there are lots of options, so it’s easy to try another area if you want, or find a spot where it’s easy to take day trips to the beach, for example. And yes, renting is the way to go, I agree.


  2. Vicki McIntosh says:

    Kris, I wanted to ask about the wattage/volt. Are my hairdryer and small appliances going to work in Panama, or do I need an adapter??


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