Life Goes On

Life as we know it has been upended for many months as the whole world fights this pandemic. Yet, nature knows nothing about any pandemic. Birds still sing, plants still grow, and squirrels still look for ripe bananas. I thought today, for a change, I’d write more about “normal life” here in the neighborhood.

So, when you’re retired and home all day, what do you DO with yourself??

Ha! Not a problem. I told someone today that if I have a yard, internet, a bass guitar, and the usual house chores I have no trouble keeping busy. The yard is always a pleasure since we have so many interesting critters, plants, and bugs. I have spared you all the bug pictures for entirely too long, so maybe it’s time to get out the close up lens again.

As for the pandemic, we are not doing that great here, unfortunately. There were lots of holidays in November, and then even more traveling and gathering for mothers day (Dec 8). We are paying the price now with much higher virus numbers, and a many more people in the hospital. The authorities are pleading with people every day to be very careful, to consider anyone outside your household as a possible threat, and to avoid being out and visiting others as much as possible. But, you know how it is everywhere. People have been separated from friends and family for so long, and everyone looks fine, so why not?

I have a feeling the aftermath of Christmas and New Years will be even worse. We were locked down from Christmas eve to the following Monday morning, but it seemed like everyone in the world was out on the 24th. I only biked in our area because the heavy traffic made crossing main roads very unappealing all week. Traditionally here, Christmas eve is the big celebration with parties, fireworks, and festivities culminating at midnight with tons of fireworks, then presents, dinner, and greetings for everyone near and far. (It was funny. About 12:15 the internet had slowed down to a crawl!) But, this year, judging by what I saw on our neighborhood, it seemed like everyone just moved up the festivities and gatherings and got together in the afternoon.

Now, we are allowed out 5am-7pm, and men and women are allowed to shop on alternate days. I thought shopping was super crowded last week but I’ve seen pictures on line of stores with lines of shoppers around the block. Maybe if you only have two days this week, you have to go out when you can? This weekend we are locked down again Friday evening – Monday morning, and after that it’s 5am-7pm until the 14th, with alternate shopping days. Panama and Panama Oeste (in the Panama City area where there are especially high virus numbers) are back to the old restrictions of only 2 hours a day out, and alternating days of men and women.

I’ve heard conflicting information about the arrival of the vaccine. Last night there was news that said it’s coming in the next 90 days. Last week there was other news that they are trying to hurry it up, and it will be here late Jan/early Feb. Then there are rumors that it’s already arrived and will begin distribution in a matter of days. So basically we don’t know anything. We only know that at the moment we have a growing problem, and that is likely to get worse when we feel the effects of all the recent holiday activity.

But, enough of that. Right now I’m at my “outside office” looking at blooming ti plants, gingers, bougainvillea, ripening bananas, and all sorts of other plants, flowers, and trees. Birds are singing everywhere, parrots are flying overhead, and the neighbors are working on their various home projects. It’s 5:30 pm and a cool 78 degrees. I’m SO thankful that we are able to stay home in such a good environment.

It’s hard not knowing when things will get better and when we can resume more normal lives but it will happen. It will happen this coming year! Keep the faith and as always, take good care of yourselves and each other.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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11 Responses to Life Goes On

  1. StrugglingPolyamorist says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures! Can’t wait to get out of this cold here!


  2. JAN says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pics…I so enjoy all of your wonderful articles!! Thanks so much for it all.


  3. Sherry Felix says:

    Nature goes on giving. Thanks be to that.


  4. Jon says:

    Hi, Enjoyed reading your blog. I’m in the northeast US and have a crazy idea of moving to Panama for 6 months to a year to enroll my two 13 year olds in a private Spanish speaking school as a Spanish immersion. I already speak the language and am hopeful this will jump start their learning of the language by being in class with non-English speakers. Figured David would also have fewer English speakers than Panama City. Any suggestions on where to look? Thanks


    • Hi and thanks! We’re retired though, no kids here, so I’m not a good one to ask about schools. Maybe try one of the expat groups on Facebook, or I believe there is also a group for people with kids. We are seeing more English speakers in David as time goes on but yes, it’s mainly Spanish here. What a great experience for your kids. Best wishes!


      • Jon says:

        Kris, Thanks for your reply, which I discovered in my spam folder. Appreciate the feedback. i understand that schools are all virtual now. Hopefully things will open up soon.

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