Bugs and Odds and Ends

The weather has been beautiful. Sometimes it’s sunny, and sometimes it rains and makes everything grow like crazy, but best of all is when it’s cloudy and pleasantly cool. I’ve been spending time in the yard lately and you know what that means. Bugs!! You all have been spared the bug pictures for a long time, so you are overdue 😁

I find the wildlife, and especially the insect wildlife fascinating. There are so many, and such variety!

Thankfully most of the bugs here are harmless. I don’t touch or bother anything, and the bugs aren’t inclined to bother me either so it’s easy to coexist. Except for the scorpion incident and a couple mild bee stings that were my fault, I’ve only been bothered by ants when I get in their way in the yard, which is also my fault. You would think living next to a woods and a river that we would have problems, but we don’t. We even see very few mosquitoes so I can spend evenings outside. This was impossible anywhere we lived in the US.

In other news, I saw this cool video on Facebook about Chiriqui and everything that is grown and produced here. Facebook makes it pretty much impossible to imbed a video in a post, but maybe this link will work. https://fb.watch/5SfSLFrrcr/

I agree that Chiriqui is a great place. There is so much natural beauty from the beaches to the mountains. And as the video explains, there is a wide variety of produce grown here. We appreciate the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables every day, fresh, delicious, and inexpensive.

Everything else here is pretty much the same. We continue to have curfews at night and on Sundays, and these have been extended to most of the country as they struggle to keep the numbers from creeping up. The number of people in ICU seems to be holding steady though. Maybe protecting the over 60 and more vulnerable people is helping? I hope so. It’s wonderful to hear the good news from the US, and I hope we aren’t far behind. Quite a bit of AstraZeneca vaccine is coming into the country along with regular shipments of Pfizer, not as much as we all would hope but it’s all definitely welcome.

That’s all for now. As always, take care of yourselves and each other!


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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7 Responses to Bugs and Odds and Ends

  1. Seth Burgess says:

    Whoa, so nice :). The turquoise shield bug with those oversaturated colors (probably invisible to their predators) is amazing. The jumping spider is really something – never seen that pattern before, looks so formal. Is that a derbid planthopper on your keyboard (really not sure, please don’t take it as an ID!). Heck, even your cockroach is pretty!


    • Thanks! I see jumping spiders often, but not with that really cool pattern. I looked up derbid planthopper. Wow, what fantastic bugs! I think I’ve seen quite a few of them here. And yes the coolest cockroach too


  2. Your bug photos are my favorites, so vivid! I look forward to seeing your local critters in person soon, getting my ducks in a row. Cheers, Beth in Maine


  3. Thomas says:

    Great pictures of beautiful creatures! Lively post – as usual! Thank you!
    Sent a friend a link to a fun bug story and thought about you – so i decided to send you the link too:


  4. Thank you! I’ll check it out 🙂 Are you in Panama? I remember your travel time was coming up about now, or sooner. I hope you are having a great time


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