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Holiday Time in Panama

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Again, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I have ideas but the day goes by, and then another, and then a week and I still haven’t written anything. It seems like there is always more than I can … Continue reading

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Photos from our bike ride in hot,dry David, Panama

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We  hopped on our bikes this morning and had a great time right around our neighborhood stopping for photo ops.  We have about one more month of very dry weather before everything greens up, but it’s…


Cuba Photos, #3

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More Cuba photos… ?

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Hasta Luego Boquete

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We have beautiful Boquete in the rearview. So why snake pictures? No particular reason, except it seemed odd that we were greeted by the fellow on top, a lovely coral snake on one of our first…

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Cuba Photos #2

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Here are more photos from our trip to Cuba. I have cropped many for emphasis, some photos were too “busy” so I gave them more focus. I photograph what catches my fancy and modify the result…


Impressions of Cuba, Some photos

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We visited Cuba February 17-23, 2017. Loved it and the people. Here I’ve assembled some of my favorite shots. Many are of street art which I found interesting and inspiring. Click on the photos to enlarge…

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The Push Button

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I’ve heard that there are Push Buttons all over Latin America, and I have seen many in Panama. A push button is a hotel that you can rent by the hour. From the outside they look like something fancy and … Continue reading

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