New Year’s Effigies in San Clemente, Ecuador (repost)

New Year’s Effigies in San Clemente, Ecuador.  reposted from

This is Ecuador, not Panama but I think the practice of burning the negativities of the past year in an effigy is common throughout Latin America. My friends and neighbors here are very familiar with the concept and have stories about some they have seen. We didn’t see any around town but we also didn’t go to town much because it was so busy during the holiday season.

My friends here have taken a lot of great photos of effigies in their town! Their neighbors are definitely creative. I enjoyed this post a lot and wanted to share it with you all here.

If you’re interested in more, here are a couple other excellent links

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  1. LuAnn says:

    Thanks for this post. We are looking at the possibility of visiting Ecuador and Panama within the next two years.


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