A Great Weekend Getaway!

We spent a couple days at the Seagullcove Lodge and had a wonderful time. I took quite a few photos but we were having too much fun to post them. Now that we are home again it’s time to catch up.

This resort is in Boca Chica on the Pacific coast in Chiriqui Province, Panama. This area is quickly becoming one of my favorite areas near our David home. It’s only about an hour away through some really beautiful countryside, especially in the hills as you get closer to the water. We drove down for the day a while back, so check that post if you want to see some photos of the drive and the general area. We actually had lunch that day at the same place where we stayed this time, and thought it looked like a lovely place to spend some time.

The property has only five bungalows on a hill overlooking the water and the islands. The grounds are really beautiful, and the gardener has obviously taken great care to plant beautiful flowers and plants everywhere. There are some huge amazing trees, stands of bamboo, heliconias, a flowering shrub that smells amazing at night, orchids nestled in little places, and other beautiful touches too numerous to mention. There is a walkway and steps that go down to the beach and water level (and you will get your exercise if you go up and down very much!)

There is a lovely little private beach and sitting area by the beach, and some kayaks for guests. We took one out and had a wonderful time exploring the islands nearby. There is also a long dock leading out to a tiki bar.


The hotel staff offers or will make arrangements for a number of activities like snorkeling, diving, whale watching (in season, which I was told starts next month), fishing, island hopping, etc. so there are opportunities to get out and enjoy what this area has to offer.


As you can see, the rooms are very comfortable. There were details that made us feel very well cared for, like the thermos of ice water on the dresser, and a folder explaining everything you would need to know about the resort. There were even directions for the clock radio in the drawer.

The food was great! Breakfast was included with the room. Sometimes you eat out and feel disappointed, knowing you could cook better at home. This was not the case here! Every meal we had was wonderful, beautiful presented, and the service was excellent.


There are more photos which I will put in separate posts, but these are the main photos of the resort. We bought an Oferta Simple which gave us a good price on the room, and we are very glad we went for it. We had such a good time! It was really nice to spend time in such a beautiful place, to have a comfortable room, and to be with such good staff who took very good care of us.

Last, but certainly not least, here are Marcello (red shirt) and Luis (blue and purple shirt) with Joel, the resort staff who took care of every detail, every day. (I wish I had photos of the two women in the kitchen too, who also took good care of us). Check out Joel’s post too!

seagullcove 10



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10 Responses to A Great Weekend Getaway!

  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    You two are having entirely too much fun down here!
    (Note correct usage of two and too.)


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  3. shellmcc1106 says:

    Looks like you had a great time at a lovely resort.


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  7. charlene charles says:

    Kris, are these and Lizards found more in the outskirts of PC versus if you lived near the beach if you could find a place that is that one could afford (smile).


    • Kris says:

      These? do you mean crabs? Every beach we have been to has crabs but they are harmless and run away from you. Lizards seem to be everywhere, from the many little geckos to the big iguanas but they also are no threat. There are birds and bugs and all sorts of life everywhere here. But we were used to a lot more problems with insects and various wildlife in Florida, so here it feels like there is pretty much nothing to worry about here. We’ve seen a couple scorpions and heard about some dangerous snakes, but we haven’t seen one yet. You’re not going to find much wildlife in the busy city, of course, but anywhere things are able to live you will probably find them. I hope that answers your question.


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