Catching up – Alaska Day #1

I didn’t use the (expensive, slow) internet on the cruise, but I used downtime to sit by a window and sort pictures and write a bit, so I have posts standing by. I’ll be spending the next few days getting them up and sorting through emails.

August 13, 2013  First day of the cruise, boarding the Carnival Miracle.

We never thought we’d have an opportunity to go to Alaska! But, Elizabeth moved to Seattle and there are cruise ships there. It’s August, probably as warm as it’s going to get in Alaska, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Our taxi to the pier was a yellow Prius driven by an Indian guy complete with the bushy beard and red head turban. He told his us Prius has 430K miles! He must take good care of it because it looked much less used than that.

There were smiling people at every step to direct us through check in. Our bags were tagged at the curb, and then we took them through security. Our passports and reservations were checked, and then we went passed our security checkpoint. Finally we were greeted by a very nice lady who gave us our cards (good for everything – getting on the boat, room key, charge card for shopping, etc), the deck plan map and some other useful papers. Then, it was off to board the boat!

The boat had only come into port that morning so they were scrambling to get everyone’s rooms ready. We had lunch while we waited, and the first thing we found was a hamburger and hot dog place. We didn’t realize until later that we were right next to the main eating area that had a variety of foods – pizza, salads, main dishes, Italian, Chinese, desserts, etc.

After lunch we went to our room. We chose economy so it was a small interior room. We had to unpack the suitcases since there wasn’t room to put them out anywhere, but there was a good amount of storage space so we were fine. Elizabeth (who had taken an Alaska cruise before) said an interior room is actually the best because it’s dark, and if you want to sleep you aren’t awakened by the early sunrise.

Soon after we unpacked we were summoned to the deck for the safety briefing.  Then, it was time to head out. I could feel the deck vibrating as the engines were started, and then the pier started to pull away from our view. From here it was one beautiful view after another!

We spent the rest of the day taking photos, going outside where it got progressively colder and windier, coming back in to warm up, getting a snack, walking around, going back outside… etc. We kept this up until it was too dark to see anything. By then we were tired and glad to turn in for the night.

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