Return to Panama – post #300

Somehow it seems fitting that a milestone post is about returning to Panama. We had a wonderful time but we’re glad to be back.  It confirmed our feelings that this is a good place for us and we are happy here.

It was nice to be back in Panama with the warm, moist, balmy air. We’ve been staying at the Costa Inn in Panama City. It’s an older building but it’s clean and comfortable, and the price is right. When we landed in PC I went to the information desk and asked about the complimentary van to the hotel. The lady immediately knew what I was asking about, made some phone calls, and got me connected with the right man. There was a man in the airport with a sign looking for passengers, and when the van arrived he came and got us and made sure we got on the correct van.

We had a room at the end of the hall this time, and the big windows looked out over the city and the water in the distance. In the morning we could see the ships waiting for their turns in the canal. The room was large with a big desk/table, and two bathrooms with what looked like a small kitchen sink in between. One bathroom had a shower, sink, and toilet and the other had a Jacuzzi bathtub! We learned that it is a good idea to get to breakfast early though because by 8:30 they were running out of things. But, they had a complimentary van going to Allbrook shopping mall and since we were going to the bus terminal across the street, they let us ride along.

So, for about $60 we got a free ride from the airport, breakfast, a free ride to Allbrook, and a comfortable room for the night with free WiFi. Not bad, eh?

We had a good bus ride with seats in the very front of the upper level where we could see everything! We relaxed, read, watched the movies, and enjoyed the countryside. We found our house in one piece, everything fine, not even much of a musty smell. Our neighbors had opened the windows to air out the place, closed them because it rained a lot, opened them again, and said they would have cleaned it but they thought we were coming back a couple days later than we did.

It’s nice to be back. It’s nice to reconnect with our friends and neighbors here. It’s nice to be back with the birds, the woods, the plants, the warm moist air, the roosters, dogs, locusts, and everything else that makes noise and makes this place feel so full of life. And, I am very happy to report that in spite of speaking English for a month I don’t seem to have forgotten what Spanish I know.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Return to Panama – post #300

  1. tombseekers says:

    Great to have you back home


  2. Emma says:

    welcome home!


  3. sunnymikkel says:

    Your blogs on Alaska were spectacular, Thank you!
    We just returned from David last night, we had to pick up the registration for our car from Keith Woolfod. Next time we are up that way we would very much enjoy meeting you.


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