Friday in Golfito and Puerta Jimenez, Costa Rica

We are home again, safe and sound in Panama so I’m catching up on the rest of our trip. Yesterday, Friday, we decided to take the ferry over to Puerta Jimenez and we had a great time. We really like that place, and I’m looking forward to going back and spending more time there. It’s a sweet little town with a hotels, hostels, restaurants, and beautiful scenery. It is on the Osa Peninsula, and area that has a very large wildlife preserve and is known for an outstanding diversity of wildlife. Even in the short time we were there walking around town we saw more macaws, and a troop of monkeys in the trees.

So, that was our day Friday, our last day in Costa Rica since we were heading back to Panama on Saturday. That pretty well covers the photos, but I am working on a couple more posts on my impressions of Costa Rica, and my experience with crossing the border back into Panama. So stay tuned and I’ll be back soon.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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2 Responses to Friday in Golfito and Puerta Jimenez, Costa Rica

  1. capt dan says:

    Kirs, why didn’t you guys take care of this before you moved to Panama? Not being critical in the least, but it would be behind you. I had jumped through all the hoops here in Florida for residency and had everything approved. Health problems stopped my move. Enjoy your blog and fine pictures! Please buy Richard’s motorcycle! When is Joel going to sing for all of us?


    • I’m too young and won’t meet the income requirements until I turn 62 (this June) when I can get social security (I need to hurry up and get older! LOL) You’ll have to talk to Joel about singing. We looked at Richard’s motorcycle. That is how we first met him. But, I have never ridden a motorcycle and as a nurse, I know all too well what can happen. We decided to be sensible and get bicycles which are safer for me and better for exercise. Isn’t Richard riding the bike himself now?


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