Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand.  for this week’s challenge, we want you to consider not just the size of something, but also that special element: the “wow factor” of a scene or subject that makes a picture so stunning. That magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera.  We want to see your interpretation of grand, from festive holiday city scenes to the Christmas tree in your living room to other shots that will make our jaws drop. We look forward to seeing your images!

There is an amazing tree in our neighborhood. It’s beautiful, strong, and so big it towers above the houses. If anything says “grand” to me this would be it!


There is a better view from the other side, but unfortunately there are also a lot of power lines on that corner. Look how big it is though compared to the two story house next to it.


Like many wonderful things, it’s hard for a photo to do it justice and give you a sense of how massive and impressive this tree really is. Hopefully you will see one like it sometime.

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