Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Growing up disconnected from my roots, I have learned to make my own family wherever I go. These photos are not new on the blog but they are the people who, to me, feel like my family at this moment in my life. How lucky am I to have all these people in my extended family!


These are only a few members of my family of fellow bloggers – Holly (left) of Let The Adventure Begin, and Connie (center) of Our Third Life – Pedasi, Panama. The photo was taken on a visit to Boquete.

Part of the family of Yaira, my Spanish teacher, who have made me feel welcomed into their family. This photo was taken on Christmas day.

Some of the members of Cedo’s family, my friend and neighbor who also welcomed me into her family. This photo was taken on Christmas Eve.

My good friend Hydeé and her family with Joel who, of course, is the most important and most permanent member of my family. This photo was also taken on Christmas Eve. 


I couldn’t write about family without including my grandson who is family in the more traditional sense because we also share the same blood line, along with his mother and my other daughter. I am so fortunate that my relationships with the people who are family because of birth are also so full of love and happiness. This photo was taken by his mother, my daughter.

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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. mcmoller says:

    Thanks for including me as part of your family. You definitely feel like a sister to me.


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    No photo here, but I had a wonderful experience last night…As you know, I’ve moved into a new house, three doors away from the old house. The old house was set a bit apart from all the others in the neighborhood, but the new house is right in the middle of everyone. Television and air conditioning haven’t trapped my neighbors inside. They spend their evenings in the cool night air visiting with one another, sit on their porches talking while the kids play in the street. (It’s a dead ender, so there’s almost no traffic, and besides that there are only three families that even HAVE cars. While bringing a bunch of stuff out of the old house to the new one of the neighbors (three families sitting together) invited me to take a break and have a nice glass of fresh pineapple juice with them. I’ve now been in the neighborhood for 2-1/2 years and my Spanish is okay. I understand probably 80% of what’s going on. My neighbor LLella put her hand on my knee and said, “you know, you’ve been adopted into our family, here.” I mean, what can you say?

    p.s. I’m the ONLY gringo around here, so I feel honored.


    • Yes, I understand completely. You definitely feel the love here, and it feels like a huge honor. I’m glad you are able to stay in the neighborhood that you enjoy so much, but it sounds like your neighbors would have made sure of that because they like to keep family close, even the gringo members.


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