A Hotel – Dos and Don’ts

We saw an Oferta Simple deal for the hotel in Coronado, and since we wanted to see the area anyway we bought it. It was for the TRYP Playa Coronado, a Wyndham hotel.

It’s a very new hotel. We were told it has only been open for three months and it was still obviously under construction. We could hear construction noise, and we saw paint and dust covered workmen in the building. It was very new and bright looking, and everything was painted white.

There were some … ahem … interesting issues though, some in the fundamental design, some in the decor, and some easily corrected details that had been overlooked. It started with numerous unanswered calls to make a reservation, unanswered emails, and consulting with the Oferta Simple people until the one last call before I gave up actually got through. 

I also forgot to mention, there were no light bulbs in the lamps. The area rugs were also shag loop and I’m not sure how one would clean them. I can’t see them lying down for a vacuum cleaner. There was no internet in the rooms, only in the lobby and pool. We were lucky though because if we sat by the window in the room we could still get a weak signal from the pool.

We did all right though, and the bed was comfortable. Thankfully we aren’t too fussy about details but for someone paying full price at $100/night, they might not appreciate all the annoying details.

Now though we are at a La Estancia in Panama City and we’re having a wonderful experience! We’re going to kick back and chill today, so maybe I’ll have a bit more time to catch up on the blog and tell you more about what we are doing. Or, maybe I’ll continue to be too busy taking photos of birds, trees, monkeys, and other wildlife 😀

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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14 Responses to A Hotel – Dos and Don’ts

  1. Michelle says:

    Yikes! I hope you left a review on their website and got your money back.


  2. We stayed there last month. Also, using the Oferta Simple. The room’s decor, was, a little eclectic. I agree with the comment on the metallic shag rug. And the “Cowhide” chair? But it was a nice modern hotel. We enjoyed our stay there.


  3. indacampo says:

    I didn’t realize that this place was the Wyndham. When we were last in the area in January it still looked very “undone”. Thanks for the report and safe journeys.


    • A friend told me that it changed hands a few times while it was under construction, so it could well have been something different when you were there.
      My pleasure, and thank you amiga 🙂


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  6. Robert & Helen says:

    When in Panama Ciudad the Center Apartments are nice and in El Cangrejo. No breakfast and no bar. But clean and good rooms at a low price between 43 and 55 per night approx. TV and Wifi.


  7. This hotel was bought by TRYP in some state of construction for IZBISA (or some such -sorry for the sketchy description) and they have been working on it for about a year. As with everything here at the beach, it is slow, slow slow. Materials and such have to come from the city, and then getting reliable/knowledgeable crews to install is always an issue. Eventually, it should be a nice hotel. AND the only one really at the beach. There are short term rentals at the Golf resort, but not ‘hotel’.


    • I heard it changed hands along the way. If they get some of these details taken care of it can be a very nice hotel. Hopefully after a year or two to settle in, things will be really good there. I understand though the challenges of getting good materials and qualified help, and getting things done in a timely manner.


  8. Karen Ama Panama says:

    I was really hoping to see a monkey when we were there but never did see one. I didn’t even know there were monkeys in the city. It looks like it will be a nice hotel when it’s finished.


    • We’re here now on Ancon Hill and these are the first monkeys we’ve seen in Panama. We did see some in Costa Rica though. I think in Panama you have to know where they live and go look for them.


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