Ancon Hill and La Estancia

We stayed at a great place in Panama City called La Estancia. It’s located on Ancon Hill in the Quarry Heights area, which was a quarry used in the construction of the canal. Later it was the headquarters for the US military forces in Panama, and after 1947, for all the forces in Central and South America.

The area is beautiful. Below us were some of the buildings built in the early 1900’s, many of which have been renovated and turned into homes, as well as some newer large homes. Above, except for a road and the communication towers on top of the hill, is forest and nature preserve (which will be the subject of a future post).

As you can imagine, this is a very expensive and exclusive area. It’s right in the city and you an easily hear the city noises, but it’s like an oasis in the country.

As you walk further up the hill there are a number of other more square three story buildings on the side of the hill. Most of them are homes, but one is a very comfortable hotel. The website has some photos, and I took a few of our room.

It was interesting how much this looked like our Florida house. It must have been built around the same time with a very similar style. It was comfortable and had light bulbs in the lamps, waste baskets, and all those other details we complained about in our last hotel. The staff is bilingual and excellent. They also have a variety of things for guests – information about the area, tour arrangements, take out menus, local art for sale, a library of books, drinks and fruit on hand and most fun of all, bird feeders and bananas hanging outside that attract tons of birds and monkeys! There will be more posts and photos.

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8 Responses to Ancon Hill and La Estancia

  1. Marissa Othón says:

    The last house I lived in was in Ancon, and my dad still lives there. Pretty much on the border between the old “canal zone” and Panama City. Thanks for the great pictures. Keep ’em coming!


  2. Carole says:

    Love the area, the houses look different than what we are used to, We visited the nature preserve when we were last there, got to touch a small Sloth that was in the preserve. Great area with lots of trees, loved your pictures.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Last year I went to Panama for my first time, we stayed in Gorgona, we rented a Villa for 10 days. We rented a car for the whole trip, it was such a great adventure!


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