Two Years

It is hard to believe my two year mark passed on the 10th of this month. The time has gone fast and it hardly seems possible. But, it also feels like I have been here long enough that this life is very familiar and my old life is very, very far away.

I haven’t been writing much this month. Besides feeling a bit under the weather, I also don’t think there is much to say. We have done errands, spent time with friends, driven around, done house and yard work, and all the other daily things that now seem so normal. Why would anyone want to hear about such mundane activities?

But, I am so touched to hear from readers and learn that this blog may have a lot of meaning for others. Through this I remember how I felt when we were thinking of moving, dreaming of a different life, and how I read or watched anything I could find. I think there are going to be more and more of us as life continues to be difficult in the US, and as we baby boomers reach retirement age and need options. I will keep in mind that life in Panama is not an ordinary thing. It is a dream and chance at a better and happier life.

An anniversary makes me think about goals for the coming year for the blog and for me personally

  • I want to continue to develop the blog and the website as a source of useful information, and as a place for me to express myself in writing and photos.
  • I hope to travel more and visit more places in Central America
  • I want to continue learning more about the culture, history, and life in Panama, and to continue to nurture relationships with my Panamanian friends and neighbors.
  • Of course, there is the eternal quest to master the language! I will continue the effort.
  • There is a lot more for me to learn about photography.
  • I plan to continue to my health and weight maintenance through healthy eating, exercise, and positive mental attitude.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I want to be a legal resident here! We met with our lawyer recently and all our paperwork is in order. We will get a few more easy things together, get our background checks done in December (here in Panama) and then file the application.

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to all my blog readers who take their valuable time to visit, to read and view photos, and to leave comments. If there is ever something you want to know, something you want to see, something I can answer or show about our lives here, please leave a comment or email me at



About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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21 Responses to Two Years

  1. Debra says:

    It may seem day to day mundane to you but those of us stuck in our US way of life pigeon holes find your every experience fascinating. Never stop writing. You paint pictures with your words.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary! Love reading your blog.


  3. Awe…this is one of my favorite posts. Your goals are wonderful. I think back to when I subscribed to your blog. And now, not only are you a virtual blogger friend, but a real friend. Happy two year anniversary. The years fly by so quickly. Sending hugs to you and Joel from the furry critters and us, too. 🙂


    • Thank you amiga 🙂 Who would have thought where these blogs would lead? I’ve made so many good friends, and what a great thing to know you in person and spend time on your beautiful island! We’re looking forward to our return visit 🙂


  4. Sunni Morris says:


    Congrats on your two year anniversary. I’m glad you made it and consider your new life rewarding. I love hearing about your stories and advantures, but I couldn’t possibly live where you are when I’m so used to my amenities. The lack of water and power outages would really get to me, not to mention the lack of stores i’m used to and having to learn Spanish. I’ll be 65 next summer and can’t see myself undertaking any of those things. I have no desire too, I guess.

    But please don’t think i’m one to leave my house daily for the shopping malls because that doesn’t happen and never will. I can’t afford it for one thing and I’m a writer and usualy stuck in my little office writing most days. I’m fairly content with this kind of life. I absolutely have no desire to go elsewhere unless it’s a vacation. I have to have internet and electricity to keep writing. But that’s my dream, not yours.

    And I would have to sell all my keepsakes, which is something i won’t do to move anywhere. Those things can’t be replaced. My mother is getting old too and has dementia so I really need to move near her if I go anywhere. I would not be able to travel enough to visit her if I lived in a foreign country. And believe me, the mold you describe I could never live with in a million years, but I’m happy you’re honest with what goes on in your life. That’s a great help for people who are considering moving there so there are no surprises.

    The food sounds wonderful and I love Mexican type food and could eat it everyday, but I hate to cook. I know you’re living the dream of a lifetime and I’m so happy for you that you can and that you’re head is in the right place to roll with the punches as the days go by. We may have it bad in the US and getting worse, but at least I know what I’m up against here and I have family close by, or will have once we move from our desert location. Our house is for sale so I hope this will be soon.

    Wishing you continued joy in your new country.



    • Alex says:

      You make perfect sense on why not to take such a huge step but one that would not work for you is going to Mexican restaurants in Panama, they aren’t as good as the real thing.


    • Of course we all have to make our own decisions and one situation doesn’t fit all. It is good that you know your priorities and what will work best for you. Good luck with the house! Thank you for following the blog and for your good wishes 🙂


  5. 4sarge says:

    Kris, just think what you have accomplished in 2 years is amazing to me. Your knowledge of Panama will increase with time and you will be a maestro. I hope to be able to visit one day and who knows, maybe Panama and I will be muy simpatico.


  6. Neva Miller says:

    Thanks, Kris. I find your blog to be a fantastic source of displaying life in Panama and I really enjoy learning about the “mundane” things before actually coming to see for myself!


  7. Dr. Annelise Driscoll says:

    I can’t believe it has been two years either! I’ve enjoyed every blog posting and have not once found them mundane. Keep writing. I’m soaking it up as a sponge! Michael and I will not be retiring in the USA for many reasons. Being fortunate enough to have lived in other countries for years and years, I know how vast and amazing the world is and in many ways, how limiting the USA can be. We WILL be coming to visit you in 2015 so you can count on that. First I must get ‘home’ to Australia to see my family after surviving yet another life threatening illness. I know how a peaceful and happy life can impact health and so I know how it has impacted yours, especially knowing you for years before moving to Panama and what health issues you had which you have under control with little or no medical intervention down there! That, in and of itself, is reason to go! So, happy two year anniversary to you both, and I’m so thrilled to hear you’re moving on with permanent legal residency. If it weren’t for meeting me, Michael would’ve mixed to Costa Rica and was in the middle of doing just that when I met him so we both understand your happiness there.

    Keep blogging, keep doing the simple things that make you happy, and keep showing us all about it! You’re an inspiration to us all.
    Besitos y abrazos, amiga mia,


    • Thank you so much, mi buena amiga! You have conquered your challenges, your business is growing and thriving. It will be your turn too. I will be so happy to see you too when you make it down here! Keep up the good work on all fronts meanwhile, and I will also be following your progress.


  8. Connie says:

    Kris, I’m so happy to hear that you and Joel will soon be getting your permanent residency! I really enjoy reading your blog. You make cold winter days a lot brighter with the re-counting of your experiences in sunny, warm Panama. Best wishes to you and Joel! Continued health and adventures!


    • Thank you so much! Who would think one would look forward eagerly to getting older, but I am finally getting my social security now so we qualify and can move forward. I will continue to send as much sunshine as I can up north 🙂


  9. John & Susan says:

    Kris…Congratulations on two years! Just think what you two have accomplished and will, going forward.
    John & Susan


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