Pavo de Campo

There are some new birds at Cedo’s house – three turkeys. They are pavo de campo, or wild field/countryside turkeys, not the type we think of for Thanksgiving dinner. There are very few of the left and Cedo wants to take care of them to protect them. These three were on her farm where the caretaker had tamed them enough to get close to them, so they could be caught and brought to her house.


As you can see, they are beautiful birds with speckled chests, long tails, and a striking red patch on the throat. They make a very delicate peeping sound, but in the morning and evening sometimes they sing with a pretty short call.


Cedo doesn’t know if these are male or female. I’m no bird expert but they seem to get along very peacefully so I’m guessing there is only one male or maybe they are all females. I hope there is a mix so there is a possibility of eggs and chicks. Cedo told me once that people like to find their eggs and give them to the chickens to raise. But, in this case, since we are eating the chicken eggs it’s probably better to let them raise their own chicks.


So now, at Cedo’s house, we have the egg laying chickens, the meat chickens, and the wild turkeys, and the dog, and a large collection of plants and flowers, and of course there’s also farm with the pigs and dairy cows. My Panamanian friend is a bundle of activity and energy!


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to Pavo de Campo

  1. Larry K Brown says:

    These are all female turkey, if there in a pen where other birds can get in, a gobbler will show up sooner or later.


    • Ahh, thanks for the info! They are down in David now and I’m sure there aren’t any wild turkeys here. Maybe one will wander through the farm and can be caught to add to the flock.


  2. Norm says: they are called crested guan & the sexes are pretty identical


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