A Big Bee

Last night, a very large bee was attracted by my desk lamp and spent a while hanging out by my computer. I have my macro lens back thanks to some new batteries for my Nikon, so I was happy to get it out and try for a few shots.


I think the bee looks more interesting in the enlarged photos than it does in real life.


Check out that face!


The wings sparkled like glass in the lamp light.


It looks like a soft and cuddly toy.

And, while we are at it, here’s a macro photo of a tiny but beautiful moth that also landed on my desk.




About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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8 Responses to A Big Bee

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s Beeutiful.


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    Good pictures!


  3. Since it hung out by your computer was it a “Spelling Bee”?


  4. Kim says:

    Great photos! Is your desk outside? When I have a bee in the house I tend to reach for a swatter not my camera 😳


    • Yes, my desk is a table on the terrace so I get quite a variety of visitors, especially at night when they are attracted to the light (like this bee). I love being in a place where you can basically live outdoors. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.


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