A Muñenco, A Funny

There is a New Year’s tradition in Central America of making muñencos. They are effigies full of fireworks that are set on fire at midnight, sending all the bad things of the last year up in smoke, and hopefully bringing good things and wishes to people in the coming year. I wrote a post about them in the past with some pictures and of course google will find you more information.

Unfortunately this year I didn’t see muñencos around town, but there was one great one in our neighborhood.


Yes, it’s Donald Trump, and his sign says “Vote for Trump”.

We were elsewhere and missed the burning on New Year’s Eve, but the next day this is all that was left of him – a hand, a shoe, a sleeve, and a pile of ashes.


This is my favorite picture because that black ball down in the ditch – the head of Donald Trump 😀


Since leaving the US I have come to realize that rest of the world is very aware and keeps a close eye on what goes on in the US. I hope I am not embarrassed by the choices we are going to make this November. If only we could reduce all our problems to a pile of ash at the end of every year!

A couple asides…. one of my readers saw the post on the iguana and told me that it was a very pregnant female who was probably on the ground looking for a place to lay her eggs. Sometimes iguanas in this state are very docile, so perhaps this accounted for her behavior. I hope so, and I’m very glad we got her out of harm’s way. Wouldn’t it be totally cool if she laid her eggs in my yard? She probably went into the quiet woods, but it’s common to see babies around here so whenever I do, I will think of her.

Since deciding my blog will be less service oriented and more for my own entertainment, it’s been a lot more fun and I’m quite happy with my change of direction. Also, my Nikon with the macro lens now has new batteries and is ready for bug pictures. You have been warned 😀

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to A Muñenco, A Funny

  1. debbie says:

    Funny story! I have seen a couple of these (not Trump) around my town and was curious what they were for. Love your posts Kris!!!


  2. cAROLE says:

    My gardener who cuts my grass said he noticed a lot of iguana eggs around our property. We have 4 dogs and they had found an adult and a baby iguana in the yard. I hope that is the only ones they find.


  3. Betty Bewley says:

    Chris, I am enjoying the direction you are going with your blog. Still working through our list of pros and cons on relocating, your posts help me stay balanced.


  4. Love the after picture of Trump’s muñencos in the ditch all burned up. I feel better now!


  5. Sunni Morris says:

    Hmmm…not a Trump supporter I see, but that’s ok. We all have to make our own choices. I personally think he’d be better than the usual status quo of the professional politician.

    I like the idea of starting over every year.

    By all means, you should blog about what suits you at the time. I’m all for that.

    I hope you find baby iguanas in your yard later. That would be very cool indeed.


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