The Toucans Visit Again

Yesterday afternoon we spotted the toucans again. This time we called our neighbors so we had quite a group of excited people in our backyard watching the birds. My neighbor, who loves birds, told us that she had seen one with a yellow beak a long time ago, but she had never seen these toucans. She thinks maybe they are living by the river somewhere and as long as this tree has the berries they like, they will come back. We saw two adults for sure, and she said she also saw a young bird, smaller, less color, and a smaller beak.


This is our house, and that big tree behind it is where we have seen the toucans, way up in the top of that tree.


One of the toucans in the tree. (Thank goodness for the zoom feature on the camera)


Such a beautiful bird! Thank you again Joel for catching a bunch of great photos.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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15 Responses to The Toucans Visit Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Cool Pictures,
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Mike D

    Portland, Maine


  2. Amy the Daughter says:

    I would come back to your back yard too!


  3. Elvira says:

    what amazing photos. Yes that is great nature.


  4. indacampo says:

    Kris, do you know what kind of tree it is that they like eating the berries out of? It’s so cool to look in my bird book and compare the colorations. Please let Joel know that he took some great pics! 🙂


    • No, I don’t know. It’s a really big one though, probably 50 feet for more. It’s growing a ways down below our house so what you see in the photo isn’t the total height. I’ll have to get some better photos and post them and maybe someone can tell me what it is.
      Joel says we got lucky, and he’s glad you enjoyed them.


  5. julia craigs says:

    Hi–what a nice picture of the toucans–they are a big bird and so colorful—don’t know that I ever saw one before. Thanks –I have not been following your blog just lately as I had a grand-nephew who was hiking the Appalachian trail. and he wrote something everyday and that was most interesting. He ended up at Mt Katahdin and we went down to the town they were in and met him, his parents, and two of his hikers friends. His trail name was –Salad Days–a girl friend was Risscuit, and an older man was Meadow Flapjack. Interesting. Glad you are happy there and making lots of new friends. Bet and I still keep in touch I am happy to say—we are both “Old Troopers” considering our age, right? Best Wishes to you both, Julia Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 19:26:13 +0000 To:


    • I’d never seen one in the wild before either, only in a cage so we were very excited.
      I’ve heard about people hiking the Appalachian trail. It’s supposed to be quite an experience! How nice that you were able to see each other while he was in the area.
      Best wishes to you too!


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  7. Oh my goodness ! What a fantastic gift!! Have you looked up what the significance is of toucans is in the Native American animal totums index??


    • “Toucan teaches sharp and to the point communication to get your message across when needed, lending his strength and confidence in the process. Dare to be different, exciting and bold as he will add more color to all areas of your life. He will show how to do this while balancing vitality with grounding properties. Toucan shows that you can be vocally strong with all of the resources you have. Are you a writer? He will teach the art of the written and spoken word. He will show there are more resources available. The call of the Toucan alerts to the steps you need to take toward a goal. He exhibits friendliness along with resilience, patience and the ability to tap into your own inner wisdom. Toucan medicine reminds you to eat more fruits, nuts and berries to help balance your diet. The time period for Toucan’s lessons is 17-20 days in which he will direct you toward awakening your life with a vibrancy and renewed anticipation for daily life.” from I also read something that said they can be evil spirits, which I find hard to believe about such a beautiful, exotic creature.


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