Who Can You Trust?

Bob Adams has made a number of videos about living and getting things done in Panama. He does a lot of research, and I think he is sensible, honest, and intelligent. He’s not trying to sell anything either, just share helpful information about Panama.

I thought his latest video is worth sharing. Who wants to come to Panama and get involved in a bad real estate or business deal? This country, like anywhere, is not immune to opportunists who will take advantage of someone if they can.

Bob Adams also has a website called Retirement Wave that is well worth a visit. You can find it HERE. You can learn more about the man, and if you sign up for the free update service you’ll gain access to tons of articles on a variety of subjects. He knows a lot and does a lot of careful research so he can bring you the most accurate information. Check it out.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Wayne Drury says:

    Kris, thank you for your consistent postings. All very helpful and interesting. A good question, “who to trust?” My wife and I are down to two locations for the next phase in our lives, and ask ourselves that question constantly.
    My best wishes
    PS: did you ever try the tenderizing trick with sat?


    • The advice from everyone who isn’t try to sell you something is to rent for a least 6 months, preferably longer. Then you know the area better, have a better understanding of fair prices, and you can develop relationships with people in the area. This country runs very much on relationships and friends helping friends.
      Yes, the salt trick works very well! I was skeptical and tried some meat with and other without, and the salted meat was much more tender.


  2. Thanks Kris – information one cannot get by without.

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  3. Well, my internet is at a snail pace, so unfortunately I can’t watch the video. But, I will try again tomorrow. This is a good topic…one that I would really like to know the answers. Who can you trust? I’ve been burnt several times and not only in Nicaragua. I guess I need to be more skeptical.


    • A couple points that I remember – it’s easy to feel more comfortable with another expat who shares your language and culture, but be careful because there are some expats who prey on others. And, if it’s a big secret, that you need to get in NOW before the word gets out so you can get a great deal, it’s BS. There is nothing that secret.
      I’m sure every one of us has been burned sometime. It’s happened to us too.
      Good luck, hope your internet gets itself together soon.


      • Jill says:

        Yep, whenever you hear that you’ve got to sign Now, be very wary. If the deal is on the up & up, it should be available for awhile. Take the time to think about it before you sign an agreement.


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hi Kris,
    I read Bob’s website long ago and I have always wondered why I have to sign up for another website to learn the “inside” information? A video of almost 20 minutes to warn expats about dealing great deals from other expats is about 15 minutes too long. Maybe I’m too impatient? 🙂


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