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I have ignored the blog for days. I have things to say. I have photos. But, I just haven’t been getting anything done. Well, I have done lots of things but not blog things.

I spent some wonderful time in the US with my family. It was a long trip back, Tuesday Seattle – San Francisco, Wednesday SF to Panama City, and then Thursday all day on the bus to get back to David. My nephew arrived Friday evening and we have been having a great time hanging out and exploring a bit of the area. We also went to Boquete on Saturday night to hear Joel’s band. They are back together after all their various travels and they are sounding fantastic.

Things should settle down somewhat this coming week so maybe I can get back to blogging a bit. I probably have some more photos of family and cute babies. I need to see if any of the photos from Panama City came out well enough to share, or photos of the beach we visited today. I have thoughts about returning to the US after becoming accustomed to the life, culture, and  people of Panama. I avoid getting into political discussions but I can’t ignore the impact of the US elections when all my Panamanian friends, neighbors, and even strangers want to talk to me about it.

And, there were toucans in our trees today, and a blue morpho butterfly in the yard. One of my plantains made fruit while I was away and the leaf cutter ants tried to eat my moringa tree. I have plenty of weeding and trimming to do (aka yard therapy, my favorite) and ideas for my next painting.

So that’s a little of what has been going on here. Life will get back to  normal, whatever that is 😀 But, it’s all good and I’m busy, and happy.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Sunni Morris says:

    Glad you had a nice visit and made it home safely. I can imagine everyone wants to talk about the election. That seems to be the norm here lately. I’ll be happy when things die down a bit. We’re getting very busy in the food demo business at work. I know this will go on until Christmas. By then we’ll all need a much deserved break from the public.

    We’re trying to clear out the neighbor’s garden before winter hits and put some food in the freezer. Our first cold front gets here on Thurs. I’m not looking forward to 50’s for a high and 33 for a low, but I tell myself it can always be a lot worse than that. I’m not liking the darker days either, but some things are out of our control.



    • Good luck through the holiday season. Maybe you will be so busy you won’t notice the increasing cold and dark days. Then after, you can wait it out with hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and a good book 😀 Spring always comes eventually!


  2. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Safely home is good, busy and happy is even better. I was going to recommend a day at the beach for recovery but it sounds like you already made the trip. You sound like Nena with yard therapy; mine is building a tree house for the grands. It is hard to remember all the turmoil in the world when concentrating on a task. The election stuff will work itself out, always does and with less actual individual impact than everyone thinks it will have.


    • Hola Jim and thank you 🙂 I like a short visit to the beach but puttering around in the yard is my main love, watching things grow, making it look nice, and check for interesting bugs 😀 Yes, things always have a way of working out eventually and there isn’t anything I can do about it anyway.


  3. Nice to see that you made it home safe and sound. I know you must miss your grand babies. They are adorable. I am laying in a bed with a mattress cover on high. It is raining and we can’t see the super moon tonight. People are trying to recover from the 7.5 earthquake that hit the South Island of New Zealand early this morning. So, as far as politics, that is the last thing on my mind…and I hope to keep it that way. Hugs to you and Joel.


    • Oh my goodness, that’s right! You are down there in that part of the world. How are things? We hear reports that people are safe though there is damage, and tsunami danger? Sheesh, good luck with all that, and I hope you can enjoy the rest of your time there and have safe travels.

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  4. Christy K says:

    Hi Kris!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip back to the U.S. I look forward to your pics!

    Yes, I’m following, liking, getting emails & twitter from everyone I can learn from about retiring in your Panama.

    I turned 62 in April & early retired on Oct 1st. Also, recently divorced after 25 years. Currently, roommates with my just turned 40 year old single daughter with no children. We’re BOTH ready to start a new chapter!! Shoooo, a new book even!!

    Only thing is we’ve looked at SO much information, now we’re totally confused. Lawyer; no lawyer; which visa for me & which for daughter; do Apostle from here in Richmond, VA, how my daughter can live & work, social security checks, insurance, visas, Panama checking accounts, criminal background checks, bank & medical statements…Ahhhhhh!!

    We’re looking to come early February-tentatively. Fly to Panama City & find a Spanish class & maybe a few sights. Then fly to David to look around & later, Las Tablas. We’re hoping not to come back to the U.S. – can it be done that quick and as inexpensively as possible on my social security check of $1100 a month? We don’t need much: a 2 bdrm furnished house (preferably-not bringing anything that can’t be packed in a suitcase) nothing fancy or an apartment and do not want to live in an expat community-heard to expensive!

    I’ve called the embassy in D.C. a few times & haven’t heard back. Which is why I’m contacting you! I think you’re my kinda expat – one I could learn a lot from with no BS or try to sell me a way expensive relocation tour! I hope once we’re in David, you might join us for lunch!?!

    Any wisdom or advice would be Greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

    Christy Kolb, Richmond, VA USA Twitter: Travel Dreamer @ChristyK FaceBook: Christy Kolb Email: Phone: 804/263-0747

    On Nov 13, 2016 10:34 PM, “The Panama Adventure” wrote:

    Kris Cunningham posted: “I have ignored the blog for days. I have things to say. I have photos. But, I just haven’t been getting anything done. Well, I have done lots of things but not blog things. I spent some wonderful time in the US with my family. It was a long trip back, “


    • Deep breath.
      You can do it. Keep it as simple as possible. Nothing has to be done immediately. I suggest you come as a tourist and try it out, and then see how you feel.
      Deep breath.
      I will email you directly and we can talk more about your specific concerns.


  5. How about a little information re the health insurance situation in Panama? Not as cool perhaps as discussing the visiting iguanas & exotic butterflies but a lot more practical. With Trumpenfuhrer and the Republican mob pressing forward on eliminating the AHA now and Medicare down the road, a lot of folks are finding added incentives to take up the expat life and would be VERY interested in the healthcare insurance situation in Panama. For example:
    *Is true European or Canadian style single-payer, national universal government healthcare insurance available?
    If not:
    *Do Panamanian for-profit insurance companies follow the US models, with excessive (like $5K or more per person) deductibles and excessive (like 30 – 40 %) co-percentages even after the deductible has been met?
    *Do Panamanian health insurance policies exclude coverage for “pre-existing conditions”?
    *Are Panamanian insurance plans modeled on the HMO / PPO scheme, restricting policy holders to limited “in network” care providers?
    *Is Panamanian insurance affordable (relative to, say, a US style “Bronze” plan with a $7000 per person deductible and network provider limitations, running on average $1200/month or more)?
    *Do those on the pensionado (am I saying that right?) program get a discount on insurance? If so, how much of a discount?
    That may not be as interesting to research and write about as the availability of American style BBQ restaurants but it is a whole lot more important.
    Thanks up front for any consideration you may choose to give to this suggestion.
    Buenos Noches!

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    • There isn’t Panamanian health insurance. Many expats get international health insurance. There is something through Chiriqui Hospital but it is more like a discount plan and I think it isn’t available if you are over 70. There is inexpensive universal health care and a more expensive private system which is still very affordable compared to costs in the US. I think this info is correct but double check before you make any decisions. I haven’t researched it much myself. We have chosen to have savings for emergencies and would go back to the US where we have coverage if necessary.
      As a retiree / pensianado you get discounts on medical care and medications.


  6. ME BE in Panama says:

    Thanks for the update, enjoy seeing your pictures. We’ve just returned from the States too Kris. We hit emotional highs, seeing family — including a new nieto, Cubs winning the Series (as a life long Cubs fan that was big) and lows the nightmare election outcome while there. Ironically I am one who would trade the Cubs win to change the polls! I’m sure there is much to be learned from this time in history. Now that we’re back I can focus on settling in and getting a better handle on Spanish. Plus someday in the not so distant future I’d love to drive down to David for a girls day out with you! When will Joel be playing in Boquete again?


    • Welcome back to you too 🙂
      Girls day? Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!
      Joel and the guys are at Mike’s Global this Saturday evening, 7-10 PM. Come out. It would be fun to see you.


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