A Seattle Area Park

My last weekend in the Seattle area was nice, and Sunday was a really beautiful day. We all went out to lunch, did a couple errands, and then decided to enjoy an outing to a nearby park.

One fun thing about kids is the bigger they get, the more you can play with them.

The park is a very pretty spot and there were quite a few other people out enjoying themselves.

The grass was wet but they had brought a thick moving pad/blanket which was great to sit on.

Just a little bit more scenery

Just one more from at home… Autumn was so cute with the shoes. She doesn’t have any herself yet, but she apparently has figured out what they are for and she was trying to get her foot in her dad’s shoe.


It was so special to have time with the beautiful children in my family.  I can see all of them growing and changing and learning and doing more things all the time, and it is very cool to watch. Thank goodness for airlines. I am already thinking about my next visit back.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to A Seattle Area Park

  1. Alan Marshall says:

    Hi Kris,
    I enjoy reading your posts over these past few months. I too was just in Seattle for 2 weeks where me and my late wife lived for 27 years. I live in California now but am thinking about that maybe Panama has my name of it. I am curious to know if I could ask a favor from you. Can you recommend a rental house for just me for one month this coming March or April or May? I don’t need much in the way of size. I keep looking on the internet but only find places through realty companies and I know that is not a very good option. Any references that I could contact would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the interesting postings and best regards! Alan Marshall


    • Interesting… I was just in northern CA before Seattle.
      I don’t keep up with available rentals in the area but I’ve sent your request along to a couple people. Gary is a friend with a small apartment complex in Boquete, and maybe one of his units might be available for a short term when you need it. I also contacted Eduardo, a local real estate agent who might be able to help. If nothing turns up, maybe you could work out a deal with a hostel in the area? Maybe AirBnb would be something to check also. Good luck!


  2. Tomas Beard says:

    That is a beautiful park. Which one is it?


  3. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Great photos of a great outing. The kids and the grands are certainly having a wonderful time enjoying that weather. Having kids having kids makes having kids worth all the trouble. Grands are more fun because they do not rely on you for survival, they just want to have a good time with abuela and abuelo. The big problem is that they grow up so fast. We are blessed to have ours close and see them every week.
    Nena and I spent the day yesterday pruning limbs in a huge tree out back for a tree house. We have to add more swings as well, they always fight for the big tree swing. Everything must be done in fours! haha


  4. Alan Marshall says:

    Jim that park if indeed in Seattle can only be the Seward Park area. Right next to where they do the annual Seafair Hydro races on the first full weekend of August. Alan


    • I’ve been to that park when my son in law did a triathlon there. My kids actually live in Bellevue (but people not familiar with the area recognize “Seattle” much more readily). I see a Chism Beach Park on the map not far from their home and I think that’s probably where we were.


  5. Nancy & Doug Ogden says:

    Hi Kris,
    Love your blog. We live in Olympia, WA and will be traveling to Panama next week! David is one of our destinations. As first timers, we’d love to pick your brain a bit and learn more about the culture and lifestyle. Is there a way to speak with you before you return or contact you in Panama? Safe travels.


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