The River

We have a beautiful river behind our neighborhood and I have taken tons of photos. But, we have been having crazy amounts of rain and I was curious to see how it was in these conditions. So Thursday, after another day of very heavy rains, we set off to take a look.

The river was muddy and the water was flowing fast. We have seen debris in the trees that makes me believe the river has been even higher, but it was still higher on this day than I had ever seen it.

If you use the search feature and type in river I’m sure you will find posts and photos of the river under other conditions. These are from January 2015, early in the dry season. They are taken from the same place so you can see the difference. In the third one you can see the rock wall that had the waterfalls on our last visit.

These are from last August. It was rainy season then but you can see the river in it’s more normal state when there haven’t been recent heavy rains.

I love living where we live. Being so close to this beautiful river just puts it over the top. Thank goodness though, as you can see by all the stairs, we are well above the river and out of danger of flooding. But, how nice that we can visit anytime we want.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Carl W. Doerr says:

    Kris, Sir. I’m Bill Doerr and we are looking seriously at retiring in Panama. We have 5 more years till that happens but plan on coming down next year.
    I was station at Kobbe back in 79 to 81. If it’s not so intrusive, where do you live? I enjoy your postings and can’t wait for next year to get where and see how it’s changed.
    If you could include more of the benefits as you see them I would appreciate that too.
    Take care and thank you!


    • Hi Bill. I’ve been posting for four years so if you go poking around in past posts, you will see a lot more about our lives here. There is also a search feature in the menu on the right. We live on the north side of David in Chiriqui province, not far from the Costa Rica border. Benefits? lower cost of living, wonderful people, Latin culture, the natural beauty of the country, the weather (except for that Otto nonsense!), availability of good quality health/dental care that would bankrupt us in the US, the daily supply of fresh fruit and veggies, and all the new things to do and learn about. It doesn’t work for everyone though. I’m sure many things have changed a lot but your past experience should give you some sense of the country and the culture.


    • oh, and I’m not a sir 😀

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  2. Gary says:

    Glad to hear that you made it safely through all the rain from Otto.



  3. That rio was muy bravo! that year when we received 50 inches of rain in 3 weeks, the small rio in our community leaped its bounds and gave the valley its first flash flood. what a mess, but thankfully no one was hurt.. just lots of muck to clean from homes and stores… it was spooky, though, and an eye opener, which taught me that the unexpected can happen and to try to always have a good supply of essentials on hand – just in case. jama’s earthquake reinforced that same concept – food and water were top needs…..

    glad that al’s fine, and may your holidays in the neotropics be lovely!



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