Some Wildlife on a Rainy Holiday Afternoon

The joke says November is the month when nothing gets done in Panama because there are too many holidays. Nov 3rd is Independence Day (from Colombia), the 4th is Flag Day, and the 5th Colon Day. Nov 10th is the Shout in Villa de los Santos and today, the 28th, is Independence Day (from Spain). Schools and many businesses are closed, and there are parades for most of these holidays.

December is right around the corner with Mother’s Day on the 8th, and then Christmas and New Years. We live in Party Central! Why not though? It’s a pleasure to live with people who love to celebrate a lot and enjoy life.

Also today, it is raining again. I remember that wonderful Saturday morning when we saw the sun, but now it is only a memory and we haven’t seen it since. Yesterday morning we had some periods of only clouds, not rain but today it has been pretty much steady rain since I was awake enough to notice. I expect there are parades today, but it won’t be as much fun for either the participants or the spectators. Though, activities seem to go on here rain or shine and no one gets upset about getting wet. I, however, plan to stay home in my dry house.

Because of all these rainy days I have been spending a lot more time in my “office” which is really the outside terrace. If I look right, I can see the front gate and what is going on in the street. If I look left I see the back yard, the birds and any other interesting critters who visit. The guanabana tree behind the white pillar seems to be a favorite spot for birds to hang out.


My office, and I use it day and night. There are a few mosquitoes with all this rain but not enough to drive me indoors (though the fly swatter stays on the table just in case)

Many of these photos were taken from right here at my table, and the farthest I went was out to those banana trees you can see on the left. There are some trees just outside our fence that the birds also like.


I mentioned the chachalaca and the racket they make, and caught a bit of that on video.

I also mentioned the oropendula, and I have an old video of one doing his thing on that very same tree.

Life in Panama on another rainy day, hanging out and watching birds. It could be worse 🙂

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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8 Responses to Some Wildlife on a Rainy Holiday Afternoon

  1. Kris,
    Thanks for the delightful blog post. I can see I will need to get a bird book for sure so I can tell my bird-watching sister what she’s looking at.

    I hate to be a bore, but it’s seven sleeps till I’m in Panama. Woohoo.



    • I talked with another expat who owns a house in your neighborhood. He says it’s quiet, safe, and a good place to be.
      Yes, you will need a bird book. My favorite is The Birds of Panama, a Field Guide by George R Angehr and Robert Dean. Another is A Guide to the Birds of Panama by Robert S Ridgely and John A Gwynne Jr. Quick, get one now so you can bring it with you, much easier than getting one shipped.


      • Okay Let me see what I can find. Thanks for the recommendations and thanks for the info on the area I will be living in. I just reviewed your instructions for getting around the bus station at Albrook mall. I printed them off so I can get on the right bus…lol.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Your post was like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing all those wonderful birds. I love your office~blessings for a beautiful holiday season, Carey.


  3. Ha ha, yeah. Perfect timing on this one, Kris … We are waiting to close on some land in Panama and its been a challenge to get things done, in between the few days that are not holidays. 🙂


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