A Visit to Boquete

We decided to go visit the Tuesday Market today and connect with some friends. There is a market every Tuesday morning where they sell food, jewelry, coffee, soap, plants, chocolate, and all kinds of things and it’s one of the events recommended for expats who want to meet other expats. I was surprised at how big the market has become! Part of it is this time right before Christmas but still, there were people everywhere, vendors in every possible space and shoppers elbow to elbow throughout the market.

I was only on a mission to get some hydroponic greens, and then I left with my friend for lunch and some time for chatting and catching up.


Boquete can be just gorgeous and today did not disappoint. This is the view of Volcan Baru from my friends’ front yard. Baru is the highest point in Panama and an active volcano, though thankfully it has been dormant for 400+ years. It’s a beautiful mountain covered with lush forest and I never get tired of seeing it.

As we left our friends house we saw a very common sight, water pipes lying on the ground. Since it never freezes this works though sometimes one gets a hole and then there is a fountain. Boquete has many different water systems and a lot of water problems, but right now they are digging up the town everywhere to put in new and better water lines. People aren’t happy about the disruption in an already congested town but hopefully they will be happy with the results when it is finished.

As we drove down the mountain I couldn’t resist snapping a few more photos. There is a line of clouds that always seems to moving south off the mountain. Sometimes there are lots of clouds and sometimes only a few but I can’t remember seeing it totally without clouds. There must be areas over there that are constantly fogged in but from where we were, it’s always beautiful.

On the way down, just a bit above Las Molinas we passed this interesting construction in progress. It is going to be a lighthouse with great views and the largest children’s play area in Central America. There is an article here.

Then it was a matter of enjoying the rest of the ride home on the great new road, and looking at the clouds and scenery. Now I’m back at my house sitting gig. I was complaining that this neighborhood is too quiet for me, and today the neighbors are having a party complete with a mariachi band. How fun is that!

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6 Responses to A Visit to Boquete

  1. Hi Kris
    Well I knew I wanted to go up to Boquete at some point. So I will make the trek next Tuesday. I want to get a feel for the place after all I’ve heard.
    As always the photos are great.



  2. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    This is about the time we usually visited Boquete to see family. The rains are ending, everything is growing and the sun starts shining to dry up the humidity. I did visit the gringo market once a few years ago and did see a few locals selling items but almost everything was so over-priced.

    We spent one trip about 15 years ago digging a trench to bury replacement water pipes to the house of Nena’s mom. The old pipes were like your foto and eventually the sun and people tripping on them made them impossible to patch. The larger pipes bringing water down the mountain from the springs are often several feet above ground propped up in the trees.

    The lighthouse is a curious project. It will be interesting to see if it gets finished and if anyone uses it. Being near the main (only) highway is certainly a huge plus for business and the view should be spectacular on a clear day. I am a bit concerned about safety after being caught in the open on a mountaintop during a lightning storm. My optometrist claims he can still see the images on my retinas!


    • We are having some very nice weather. Today has been another lovely day.
      I have seen some of th bigger pipes. I hear there are so my different systems and no one taking responsibility for them, so hopefully the current efforts to upgrade things will solve this situation.
      We were talking about the lighthouse too. How many people will take their kids when they can play in the street for free? I’ll go at least once though to check out the views.


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