Scenery, Fish, and Boats

It seems like I have been out and about more than I have been home lately. Monday, a friend and I decided to visit Boca Chica. It’s my favorite area on the water so you don’t have to twist my arm to go there. I didn’t take many photos because I’ve covered it quite a bit in the past, but we did see something interesting, a small plane landing on the water. The waitress at Boca Brava said it’s a private plane that comes from David. That would be a much shorter trip than by car.


As you can see, it was a beautiful day, quite windy but clear and sunny. We had a nice lunch at Boca Brava, and then stopped for a drink at Seagullcove Lodge to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and scenery there.

Yesterday some other friends wanted to buy some fish. We hadn’t had fresh fish in a while so a trip to Pedregal sounded like a very good idea. The market was a little hole in the wall with fish in coolers when I first went there, but now they have a large tiled room with large covered ice bins. We both got a large piece of pargo (red snapper) cut from what must have been a huge fish.

There are some fish shops on the main street that you can spot by their signs. This one was recommended by Panamanian friends not long after we arrived so this is where we usually go. I don’t think you’d ever find it though without someone to show you, something I’m happy to do because I like fish too.

Since we were in Pedregal, we decided to check out the marina.

If I had a boat I’m not sure I’d choose to spend an extended amount of time at this marina. It’s not the most scenic area, but the proximity to David is good for daily needs. I’m not sure if there are other options in Chiriqui.

It seems like there has been a lot going on lately. There was the somewhat time consuming expensive lesson about car documents last weekend, then out and about Monday and Wednesday. What did I do Sunday and Tuesday? Sheesh, I can’t even remember. Wednesday night we went to the opening event for the Blues and Jazz Festival in Boquete and it was great. We’ll be going back tonight and through the weekend. Then, we have three days before our trip to Cuba!

This retirement is rough, I tell ya, just go go go all the time! 😀

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to Scenery, Fish, and Boats

  1. I bet you wondered when you had time to work.. lol.. Lovely views Kris and handy to have those willing to gut and clean your fish too.. How fresh is that.. 🙂


  2. Yes indeed, I have said that many times. I did a lot of other things too, but every minute of every day had to be carefully scheduled to fit it all in.
    We have good fish here. In central Panama they don’t have much because it gets sent to Panama City, but over here on the western side we have fresh fish anytime we want it.


  3. Robert&Helen says:

    We like Boca Chica too. Anyway we highly recommend a trip to Spain. Culture, food and history
    1. Barcelona 2. San Sebastian. 3 Sevilla. Iberia is flying daily from PC to Madrid. Good highways and high speed trains.


  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Beautiful photos. It sounds as if retirement is rough. Lol


  5. Alan Marshall says:

    Kris please post lots of info and pics during your trip to Cuba. Hopefully you will have decent internet there. Have fun and be safe! Alan


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