Havana Cuba, Sunday, Day 3

We took a tour bus today. There is a hop on, hop off bus for $10 so we got on in the Parque Central not far from where we are staying. Here’s a few photos from the boulevard on our way to the park. It was Sunday and there were a lot of vendors on the boulevard.

We drove down the Malicon and through the city to the Plaza of the Revolution. We could see plenty from the bus so we didn’t get out.

We did get out at the cemetery though. It was a huge cemetery! They wanted $7 per person  so we decided not to go in. We could see quite a bit from the entrance and through the fence and we were fine with that.

The next bus that came along was full so we had to wait for another. We got in but there were no window seats, so not as good for looking out and taking pictures. It took us through some beautiful neighborhoods and an area that we were told had many embassies and offices, and then along the waterfront where there were some big hotels including the Copacabana (who would have thought we would ever see that!)

I wanted to go around again but we were getting hungry, so we got off and looked for a restaurant in Old Havana (check the videos in the previous post for some fun music and dancing). We also did some shopping for gifts, and then got back on the bus.

When we got back on the bus there was hardly anyone riding. We had our choice of seats and windows so we could see everything really well.

Back at the Plaza de la Revolucion again.

Then, driving back through the city.

We got off at the park again, and set off down the boulevard towards home. We came across some people dancing the tango and others watching, sometimes singing along with the music.

We were tired when we got back so we relaxed for a while, and then went back out later in the evening to visit the boulevard again.

It is still a bit strange waking up without internet. The family gathers every night to check email and do what they need to do. It seems to be enough to get my email, write a couple short responses, and make an entry on Facebook but not much more. It doesn’t take long for the connection to break down entirely and then you are finished. We forget how we managed in the time before Internet, when we couldn’t just contact anyone instantly or look up information on any subject. Thankfully Cuban Spanish doesn’t seem that different so I’m able to talk easily with our hostess and ask her lots of questions, and she is always happy to answer.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. So, my first question is what did you buy? Are there any traditional crafts that you would recommend for gifts? Did you buy any cigars? And so glad to hear there is a tourist bus that takes you around Havana and that our Nicaraguan Spanish will be (hopefully) understood.


    • I bought the sweater for my friend, the two dresses for my granddaughters, and a t-shirt for my grandson. Someone took a cigar factory tour and left cigars with our hostess, so she gave them to us. We brought two back as gifts. She also had rum left by guests so we tried it without having to buy any (Panamanian rum is just as good IMO).
      The little dolls/sculptures in this photo caught my attention https://thepanamaadventure.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_7089.jpg I also like their colorful art. But, there are lots of shops selling little things to take home, jewelry, clothing, hats, carvings of antique cars, etc. All those tourists create a market.
      I had more trouble with your Nicaraguan Spanish than I did in Cuba 😀 You should be fine. I noticed people don’t expect to be spoken to by tourists, but if you do talk with them they light up and are very happy to talk with you, and very pleased if you speak any Spanish at all.

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  2. Carole says:

    Looks like a nice vacation, some day we will visit Panama. Great photos as usual. Love all the different art in the streets, great artists. The buildings are really nice, love the details.


  3. So enjoying these! I’ve a question. We are vegetarian but we do eat fish….is it hard to find meals, do you think for this kind of diet? Did your hosts serve meatless breakfasts? We’ve vacationed many times in Puerto Rico even though they are really into pork but we always have a place to cook our own meals so we manage.


  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Wow – fantastic post. Love all of these photos and thanks for sharing so many. 🙂


  5. Thank you Kris — So many great photos. I marvel at the absence of trash of any kind. Maybe a piece or two but the streets seemed immaculate. How do they do that? I’m impressed. The artwork seemed to have a dark, sad tone to me., not surprised given the recent history. I think the people have been through some very hard times — as we all have — but I saw an undertone of hardship despite the clean streets and pretty (some grand) buildings. I am glad you have taken the opportunity to travel there and report what you saw. We have been cut off from Cuba throughout most of my lifetime and could only speculate about the Island. Blessings, Alia


    • There were many big blue trash bins in the streets (not photogenic so probably not in the pictures). The bins looked like they were used a lot, sometimes to overflowing, but people didn’t tend to throw trash in the street. Our hostess told us that trucks come around every night to collect the trash. The places may look run down but they are kept clean. We had to dodge water a few times that was being swept into the street from cleaning floors in the apartment and entryway.
      I know, i can still hardly believe I spent time in Cuba. With the complicated US relations who would have thought this would be possible?! Yes the people have suffered a lot and not just recently, but for centuries.

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  6. Johnhthomas says:

    I am on my way to Cuba this summer/fall if all goes well. What a pleasant surprise to see a well-documented slide show the first thing this morning. Thank you, Kris, for taking the time and making the effort. Be safe and be well, john


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