Some Cuba Videos

It seems like everywhere you go there is music. Even small restaurants often have a band, and there is more music in the street.

Here are some musicians we passed as we walked around.

Here’s another three minutes of music, including a fun street event with dancers on stilts.

Here is a really fun group in the restaurant where we had lunch one day. There were also a great pair of dancers. Check it out! I love the woman outside the door who couldn’t stand still when she heard the music. The dancers get going more and more as the video goes on so watch this one to the end.

I also loved hanging out on our balcony and watching the activity below in the street. If you want to spend five minutes on the balcony with me, watch this video.

That’s it for videos. Now I have more pictures to sort from Sunday, then Monday, Tuesday…. 😀  This is fun for me. It’s like reliving our Cuba time all over again.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  2. These are awesome videos and they really show some of what it must have been like on your trip. I enjoyed your balcony video and just watching the neighborhood and it’s goings on. The vibrant music that Cubans love and the lovely lady shaking her thing outside the doorway, got to love that 🙂 I would really love to go and experience Cuban first had one day. Thank you for sharing these, Kris!


  3. I hope you can go there! Glad you liked the videos too. I enjoyed just watching the activity in the street too, and of course the music.


  4. Loved this video sampler, Kris! Great fun hanging out of the balcony with you. Looked like you were quite high up. Nice little patio down on the left. What a fun time for you and your husband! Cheers! Alia


    • We were on the 6th floor so we could see quite a bit from up there. I have a bunch of photos coming later of people hanging out on rooftops and balconies. It seems like people spend as much time outdoors as they can even in the city.

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