Sunday in Boquete

Sunday Joel’s band had a late afternoon gig at the Boquete Brewing Company. It also happened to be the end of the Boquete Orchid Festival, which we hadn’t thought much about as we left and we didn’t know there was also a parade in town that afternoon as well.

We knew there might be something happening when we saw horses in Alto Boquete.

Horses at the bus stop

As we drove down into town we saw more and more horses, and the traffic got slower and slower.

Boquete is a small town and there aren’t that many ways to get through. To make it even more interesting they have been digging up the streets to put in water lines, and most of the streets are rough and bumpy. Thankfully the traffic kept moving even if slowly, and we managed to make our way around on a back road to our destination. After the usual setting up routine, it was time for music and fun!

This young girl was having a great time dancing to the music with her mother.

It was a really fun evening! Some people were already there, others arrived later, people heard the music from the street and came in, and the dance floor had more and more people as the evening went on. Victor, the owner, is a musician with a very successful band in Panama City. He sat in for a song too, which was awesome. He wants this band back as many Sundays as possible which is a great compliment from another musician and business owner.

That was only one of quite a few things I’ve been doing lately. This is another wonderful thing about retirement. If you overextend yourself and get tired, you can take a day off any time you wish. Yesterday was one of those days and I just chilled at home and didn’t do much of anything. Mi vida difícil en Panamá. 😀

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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11 Responses to Sunday in Boquete

  1. Yes, retirement is so strenuous, dang. Hola a Joel!


  2. Great afternoon and great seeing you!


  3. Bravo for Joel and band — Whoo Hoo! I’ve taken two “at-home” days in the past week, unusual for me since I’ve been here. That is a blessing of retirement — we can take those “catch up” or catch-our-breath-days whenever we want or need to. Party on Girl!


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    I think the streets being messed up helps with the traffic flow. Makes it impossible to rush which is the whole point of being in Panama. Decades ago most of the vehicles were work trucks, not that many private cars like now. Driving at a walking pace still gets one there, just drier.
    One thing the locals are really good at is enjoying themselves. Start the music and everybody dances! 🙂


    • That is indeed one way to look at it, though I don’t know if all the bumping around is that good for the car. But yes somehow it all works out and everyone gets to where they need to be.
      I agree, the Panamanians love to have a good time and do just that on as many occasions as possible. I’m all for that!


  5. How fun!! Your posts just remind me that I need a vacation!


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