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For a long time my daughters were busy with education, work, and getting their lives in order. Then, suddenly there were grandchildren! My older daughter has a son who is 4, and both of my daughters have girls who are 1 1/2 years old, born 3 weeks apart. How cool is that! It is so interesting to watch them at this age as they watch everything, soak up everything in their environment and get more skills every day.

One of the cats has been amazing with the baby. She puts up with being petted, and sometimes none too gently, or being laid on, or stepped on, and never protests. The other two cats leave when they see Autumn coming but Pumpkin seems to love the attention. Autumn is getting better at petting gently but she’s still an energetic toddler who doesn’t always remember.

Elizabeth’s house is a bit calmer since there is only one child, but there is still plenty to do. When Autumn is awake and active it’s a full time job to keep an eye on her, but she is a lot of fun to play with too. She talks a lot sometimes, entire stories but unfortunately nobody can understand a word. Her mother used to do the same thing, and then stamp her foot in frustration when I had no idea what she was telling me. All of the kids were taught some sign language though, which they still use. It’s great because they can communicate even before they are able to form words, and now they are adding words to the signs.

I visited last in November and at that time Autumn wanted to keep her distance. It’s hard for kids to know me when they have only seen a face in an iPhone or tablet, and it’s been many months since we have been together in person. This time though she warmed up quickly, and it wasn’t long before she was asking me to pick her up or read books with her.

My daughters are adults and we can keep in touch well between visits, but the grandchildren are another matter. They are growing and changing so fast, and I don’t want to go so long between visits that I am a stranger to them. We have decided that if we all work together on travel expenses, I can go every three months instead of every six, which seems like a good idea to me and I am very appreciative of the opportunity.

In case you wonder what happened to Joel, he went to Maine to see his mother and then Kansas to see his children and extended family. We met up together on the second flight from Atlanta to Panama City where my travel agent who thinks of every detail had booked us with seats together. (Andrea Cook Next time though, he’ll get to see the whole family. We are already planning a double second birthday bash with everyone together Thanksgiving blowout holiday! whew 😀


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6 Responses to More Family

  1. agshap says:

    Grandchildren…..the best!


  2. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Best part about grandkids? Listening to your kids tell you about the grandkid’s latest misadventure. Sometimes we can’t help it and start laughing whereupon the parent scolds us and says it is serious and not funny. We correct him by saying that when HE was doing whatever, it was not funny. NOW it is hilarious! The acorns do not fall far from the oak, that is true.
    Nena’s sister says one of the grand daughters is EXACTLY like Nena as a kid. Scary. 🙂


    • I think we inherit a lot of our personality, behavior tendencies and mannerisms. You hear that from genetically related people who haven’t known each other, and even in the newborn nursery you can see the babies have distinct personalities.


  3. Sunni Morris says:

    Very good idea to visit the grandchildren more often. They’re still too young to remember who you are. Glad you had a nice trip.


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