Seattle Flowers

My second stop was in Seattle to see my younger daughter and her family. The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous in the spring. They had been having many rainy, cool, gloomy days so there weren’t as many flowers as I remembered from last year, but there were still many and the weather turned gorgeous soon after I arrived.

I walked to the nearby shopping area sometimes and enjoyed the pretty yards and trees along the way. Other days I spent some time weeding. The neighbors thought I was working so hard, but they don’t realize this is what I do to relax and enjoy myself – yard therapy – put a book on the headphones and enjoy being outdoors. A few days were so warm and beautiful I even took off my sweatshirt! 😀

Next up – the real reason I was there – the family!

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful flowers I too love working in my gardens that the flowers are in full bloom. Enjoy your visit and safe trip home.


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    I love CA and also will. I miss it a lot since moving to the desert. Anything grows there. The deseet is a great challenge to keep anyhting alive.


    • I like CA too, but it’s way too expensive to live. Even people with good jobs struggle. The desert though, I’m sure it’s hard to grow anything in such a dry environment.


  3. Hi Kris — Sweet to know we both have family in the greater Seattle area. I also have two nephews there with their families, in addition to my sister. Maybe we can coordinate visits next year and meet each other?! The Rhododendrons are especially beautiful in the Pacific Northwest and grow wild in the forests from northern California clear up the Coast into Canada, I imagine. They seemed to bloom a bit earlier this year — they are always out in full force during May.
    This year I am learning about the native flowers that populate my new home. I don’t have to weed them either. Will continue my Wildflower Walk series in a day or two. Been very busy lately so catching up with my WP family this morning during a quiet news day. love and hugs, Alia


    • That would be great to meet! My kids are in Bellevue. I expect to go back in late August/early Sept, and then again after a California Thanksgiving bash in November.
      Wildflower walks? How interesting! That’s always one thing about going to different areas, you get to see the different plants and flowers that grow there.
      Don’t watch the news! It’s only distressing. Much better to study flowers.

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